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Here we are folks! The end of our humble countdown. And of course by humble I mean the most definitive list of awesome that has ever been compiled in relation to video games. The Nola Nerds are here to bring you the greatest twenty games in the history of our great hobby, and we do it in the same not at all professional style you know and love. We also end our list with a realization of not only what the greatest game is, but of what the best system has been of all time. This time we talk about everything from the best entry in a time honored franchise, to the most memorable trip to the sea ever, to the greatest puzzle comedy game around, to the best fighting game we have ever played, and many more. Do you love gaming? Join us as we join the Nola Nerds Matt "Kefka" Finneman, Chris "Chell" Robinson, Andy "Hugo" Niemann, Mason "Lavos" Maldonado, and Smoker's Cough Andy "Dr. Light" Dileon, with a brief way-to-exhausted-to-participate appearance by Ronald "Drake" Bienemy as they break down the greatest twenty games ever.

Like games? Love lists? Let us know! Did your favorite game make the cut? Did one you loved get the shaft? Do you own any of the top 20? What would you change? 

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