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Join Matt and Chris for their end of the year blowout on comic books in 2011! We list the 5 nominees for every category, and then pick our personal winners. Who is the best? Who is the worst? (Besides Chris) Who is the most super fun time awesome? Check it out! FOR FREEEEEE

Break down:

Book of the Year: 10m57s

DC Book of the Year: 13m25

Marvel Book of the Year: 15m36s

Other Publisher of the Year: 18m13s

Writer of the Year: 20m30s

Artist of the Year: 24m25s

Team Book of the Year: 27m20s

Best DC Book Pre-Reboot: 29m45s

Best DC Book Post-Reboot: 32m30s

Best Major Event of the Year: 35m13s

Biggest Shift in Quality in a DC Book from Pre to Post Reboot: 39m00s

Best Hero of the Year: 41m10s

Best Villain of the Year: 42m45s

Best Secret Organization in the DCU: 45m00s

Best Concept of the Year: 47m30s

Best Story-Arc of the Year: 50m00s

Ho-Bag of the Year: 51m25s

Dumbest Character of the Year: 53m30s

Biggest Dick of the Year: 55m55s

Best Moment of the Year: 57m30s

Best Collection of the Year: 59m00s

Best Graphic Novel: 01h00m00s 

Best On-Going Book: 01h00m37s

Most Anticipated of 2012: 01h02m00s

Best Mini-Series of the Year: 01h03m20s

Best Ending of a Series: 01h04m57s

Most Fun Book of the Year: 01h07m13s

Top 5 Personal Picks for Matt and Chris: 01h08m00s

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