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Mardi Gras time has descended upon us here in New Orleans, but even parades can't stop us from hitting you with some comics talk! This week the NOLAnerds welcome back Arrow to TV, discuss the changes we would make as Marvel CEO, say goodbye to a dear book, and lament the fact that Larfleeze still hasn't been cancelled. So join NOLAnerds Matt "Refuses to Back Down" Finneman and Chris "Cough Wheeze" Robinson as they talk about stuff n junk.

Books of the Week
Matt: Wolverine and the X-Men #42
Chris: Aquaman #28

Email: 02m02s/

Current Events: 13m44s/

Arrow Watch: 16m36s/

Adventure of Superman #10: 18m20s/ Chris: 3.0/

All-Star Western #28: 19m30s/ Matt: 3.5 

Aquaman #28: 21m18s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 4.0/

Batman/Superman #8: 24m15s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 3.5/

Flash #28: 26m40s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 3.0/

Forever Evil: ARGUS #5: 28m59s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 2.5/

Justice League Dark #28: 31m52s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 3.0/

Larfleeze #8: 35m22s/ Matt: 1.5/

Talon #16: 37m42s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 3.0/

Dead Boy Detectives #3: 40m00s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 3.0/

Hawkeye #15: 42m41s/ Matt: 3.5/

Indestructible Hulk #19: 44m20s/ Matt: 2.0 Chris: 2.0/

Superior Spider-Man #28: 46m42s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 3.5/

Wolverine and the X-Men #42: 49m04s/ Matt: 4.0 Chris: 4.0/

Deadly Class #2: 52m13s/ Matt: 4.0 Chris: 4.0/

Black Science #4: 54m45s/ Matt: 3.0/

Bounce #10: 56m24s/ Matt: 3.0/

Mass Effect: Foundation #8: 57m24s/ Matt: 3.0/

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