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Welcome to another wonderful episode of the NOLAnerdcast! This week had a lot of fun surprises such as the start of a new status quo for the Justice League Dark, the debut of Lemire's Justice League United, the return of Rucka's Lazarus, the start of Marvel's new summer even Original Sin and much more! So join NOLAnerds Matt "Soule Fan Boy" Finneman and Chris "Too Cheap for Quality" Robinson as they talk and talk about those things they call comics.

Books of the Week
Matt: Red Lanterns #30
Chris: Lazarus #8

Email: 02m06s/

Current Events: 09m49s/

Agents of SHIELD Watch: 17m46s/

Arrow Watch: 19m46s/

All-Star Western #30: 22m08s/ Matt: 3.0/

Aquaman #30: 24m27s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 3.0/

Batman: Eternal #3: 26m53s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.5/

Batman/Superman #9: 29m14s/ Matt: 2.5 Chris: 2.5/

Flash #30: 31m46s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.5/

Justice League Dark #30: 34m54s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.5/

Justice League United #0: 38m22s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.0/

Larfleeze #10: 42m58s/ Matt: 1.0/

Red Lanterns #30: 45m24s/ Matt: 4.0/

Dead Boy Detectives #5: 47m37s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 3.0/

Daredevil #2: 51m03s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.5/

Original Sin #0: 53m25s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.0/

Lazarus #8: 57m19s/ Matt: 4.0 Chris: 4.0/

Mass Effect: Foundation #10: 1h01m51s/ Matt: 3.0/

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