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Join Matt and Chris as they delve into the new week of comics, officially ending the first month of the new year. Marvel as they read what may be the single greatest fan email ever. Listen in as the two argue whether or not Batman's actions in Justice League made sense. What was the Moment of the Week? What was the Book of the Week? Who were our non-existent corporate sponsers? Tune in to find out! Comic book time breakdown below:

Aquaman #5 - 4m23s

Flash #5 - 8m02s

Fury of Firestorm #5 - 13m35s

Justlice League #5 - 18m28s

Justice League Dark #5 - 24m15s

Teen Titans #5 - 28m30s

Unwritten #33.5 - 33m44s

All-Star Western #5 - 39m25s

DC Universe Online Legends #22 - 43m10s

Green Lantern: The New Guardians #5 - 45m30s

Angel & Faith #6 - 51m20s

Legion: Secret Origin #4 - 54m27s

Uncharted #3 - 58m00s

"Corporate" "Sponserships" aka Shameless Plugging - 1h00m00s

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