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Hello Nola Nerds! Are you in for a treat today! We here at Nola Nerd HQ (Warning: Not a Thing) bring you only the best of the best when it comes to comic book breakdowns and thoroughly amateurish reviews. Plus! A special surprise appearance by the Hawaiian Wonder himself, Nola Nerd superfan/antagonist/foul mouth enthusiast Paxson! Sadly we were missing our beloved contributor Scott "The Looks" Brehm, but made it up with the quality work of Nola Nerds Matt "I Think He Had An Orgasm Reading Unwritten" Finneman, Chris "I Ain't No Hologram Girl" Robinson, Barbie "Bacon Flavored Lube. I Know It. Wink. Nudge" Cure, and Andy "Literally the Only Man Reading Star Wars Comics" Niemann. Listen in for Freeeeee! Time stamps below:

Email: 02m22s/

Corporate Sponsors: 14m44s/

Current Events: 16m10s/

Secret #1: 18m51s/

Green Lantern Animated Adventures #1: 21m10s/

Batgirl #8: 22m43s/

Batwoman #8: 27m04s/

Deathstroke #8: 29m40s/

Demon Knight #8: 32m54s/

Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE #8: 36m36s/

Green Lantern #8: 39m07s/

Shade #7: 41m28s/

Unwritten #36: 44m17s/

New Avengers #24: 48m50s/

Uncanny X-Men #10: 54m50s/

Saga #2: 58m19s/

Adventure Time #3: 1h03m49s/

Batman and Robin #8: 1h06m44s/

Resurrection Man #8: 1h09m04s/

Suicide Squad #8: 1h12m37s/

Buffy Season 9 #8: 1h16m24s/

Superboy #8: 1h19m34s/

Mega Man#12: 1h22m58s/

Star Wars: Dark Times #20: 1h27m45s/

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