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Holy crap! We did it! We managed to go 25 solid weeks without getting bored and wandering off into the distance to pursue some other misbegotten adventure! We are extremely pleased to invite you to the 25th Comics Episode of the Nola Nerd Podcast! The nerds have a special surprise as well - a new video channel on YouTube! Check it out under NolaNerdPodcast. This week, the nerds delve into a new chapter of AvX as well as the start of the Night of the Owls Batman crossover! Join Matt "Chris Makes Me Cry Because He Doesn't Like Wonder Woman" Finneman, Chris "I Am A Big Poop Because I Find Wonder Woman Boring" Robinson, Scott "My Beard Looks Even Sexier in 1080p" Brehm, Barbie "News Flash, Still Loves Harley" Cure, and Andy "Still the Only Man Reading Star Wars" Niemann as they break down the books of the week! Time stamps below:

Scott's Missing Week: 04m52s/

Email: 06m05s/

Corporate Sponsors: 18m50s/

Current Events: 23m13s/

Avengers #25: 30m20s/

Young Justice #15: 32M45S/

Batman #8: 34m55s/

Batman Beyond Unlimited #3: 40m24s/

Green Lantern Corps #8: 44m38s/

Justice League #7: 48m38s/

Nightwing #8: 55m47s/

Wonder Woman #8: 1h00m16s/

Fables #116: 1h04m55s/

Avengers Vs. X-Men #2: 1h07m22s/

Punisher #10: 1h14m10s/

Uncanny X-Force #24: 1h16m35s/

Wolverine and the X-Men #9: 1h18m56s/

Red Hood and the Outlaws #8: 1h23m46s/

Birds of Prey #8: 1h27m30s/

Catwoman #8: 1h29m52s/

Blue Beetle #8: 1h32m16s/

Ghostbusters #8: 1h34m34s/

Supergirl #8: 1h37m43s/

Invincible Iron Man #515: 1h40m01s/

Star Wars: Dark Times #21: 1h44m23s/

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