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Duh duh da duh da Circus duh da duhduh da da Afro da duh da Comics duh da duh da Episode 33 Polka Dot Polka Dot Polka Dot Afro!

Let that steel you for what is to come on this, our newest episode of the Comics podcast for the Nola Nerds! Madagascar 3 shenanigry aside, we have plenty to talk about today! Another Before Watchmen comic, the premiere of The Massive, more Avengers Vs. X-Men battling, an epic reveal on the newest Batman, and more from all walks of life. New emails, new guests, and the same ol' good fashioned ridiculousness! Join the Nola Nerds Matt "Afro Circus" Finneman, Chris "I Challenge You to a Beat Off" Robinson, Scott "Meh, I Got Scarlet Spider" Brehm, and Andy "Finally Gave Up On Crap Tie-Ins" Niemann. Time stamps below:

Email: 01m41s/

Corporate Sponsors: 09m57s/

Panthra #1: 15m47s/

The Massive #1: 18m32s/

Batgirl #10: 21m26s/

Batman #10: 25m18s/

Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre #1: 30m54s/

Demon Knights #10: 36m08s/

Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE #10: 39m13s/

Green Lantern #10: 42m01s/

Shade #9: 46m40s/

Avengers vs. X-Men: Versus #3: 49m48s/

Uncanny X-Force #26: 53m48s/

Ravagers #2: 57m55s/

Resurrection Man #10: 59m53s/

Suicide Squad #10: 1h01m53s/

Superboy #10: 1h06m43s/

Batman and Robin #10: 1h10m30s/

Scarlet Spider #6: 1h13m22s/

Mega Man #14: 1h16m33s/

Buffy Season 9 #10: 1h20m04s/

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