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Welcome back to the Nola Nerd Podcast Comic Show! In this, our post-San Diego Comic Con podcast, the Nerds delve into the breaking news from the Con, answer some emails, discuss the joy of the upcoming Dark Knight Rises, and dive head first into the deluge of quality books that graced us this week. From Avengers vs. X-Men to Adventure Time. From Justice League to Fables. From staying on topic to a disturbingly long discussion on the defunct series 'Titans,' this episode has it all! Join the Nola Nerds - Matt "One More Arc" Finneman, Chris "Titans Was Just Awful" Robinson, Barbie "Obsessed with Saying Gargantuan Penis" Cure, and Andy "Blah Blah Star Wars" Niemann. Not featured: Scott "Hitting the Streets on Assignment" Brehm. Time stamps below:

Email: 01m40s/

Corporate Sponsors: 08m54s/

Current Events: 11m05s/

Captain Marvel #1 21m43s/

Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre #2: 24m09s/

Batman Beyond Beyond Unlimited #6: 28m54s/

Batwoman #11: 34m50s/

Green Lantern Corps #11: 39m20s/

Justice League #11: 43m33s/

Nightwing #11: 49m50s/

Wonder Woman #11: 53m36s/

Fables #119: 58m48s/

Unwritten #39: 1h02m22s/

Avengers Academy #33: 1h06m40s/

Avengers vs. X-Men #8: 1h09m57s/

Uncanny X-Men #16: 1h14m50s/

Daredevil #15: 1h18m05s/

Saga #5: 1h21m25s/

Adventure Time #6: 1h25m53s/

Birds of Prey #11: 1h29m25s/

Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison #3: 1h32m38s/

Blue Beetle #11: 1h35m30s/

Secret Service #3: 1h39m07s/

Invincible Iron Man #521: 1h41m11s/

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