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FORTY EPISODES! It's a big deal you know. It is even divisible by 5 and ends in a 0. The best kind of number. To mark this semi-milestone, we here at Nola Nerd Podcast have done several special mini events during our show. We brought back Ho of the Week, Moment of the Week, and the Opening Song. We also are going to tag which Nola Nerd chose which book as their personal favorite week by week. Woo! This week the Nola Nerds are Matt "Mighty Ducks" Finneman, Chris "Does Whatever a Spider Can" Robinson, Scott "To Whom?" Brehm, and Barbie "Let's Get Dangerous" Cure with guest Chelsea "Fantastic Four" St. Juniors. Time stamps below:

Email: 05m08s/

Corporate Sponsors: 08m11s/

Current Events: 10m48s/

Hawkeye #1: 18m59s/

First X-Men #1: 19m50s/

Harvest #1: 27m47s/

Think Tank #1: 29m45s/

Before Watchmen: Nite Owl #2: 33m29s/

Animal Man #12: 36m34s/

Dial H #4: 41m38s/

Earth-2 #4: 45m33s/

Justice League International #12: 51m09s/

Stormwatch #12: 55m33s/

Swamp Thing #12: 59m14s/

Avengers Academy #34: 1h04m49s/

Avengers vs. X-Men #9: 1h10m09s/

Daredevil #16: 1h17m02s/

Red Lanterns #12: 1h22m45s/

Ultimate Spider-Man #13: 1h26m30s/

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Invincible Iron Man #522: 1h30m45s/ 

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