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Today is a special episode for all of us here at the NOLAnerd compound. As the weeks tick by and the impending departure of Andy looms over us, we tentatively greet a possible new member into the fold, Ashley. Will she become NOLAnerd Ashley? Will she prove to be as awesome as we think she is? Does she think Nightwing's ass is all that and a bag of chips? Answers to all of these and more, coming at you! This week we discuss the merits of Age of Ultron, a time jump in two Marvel books, get surprised by a major game changer in Fables, and many more! So join NOLAnerds Matt "Genesis Unit" Finneman, Chris "Cancelpocalypse" Robinson, and introducing Ashley "Nightwing's Butt" Butler as they break it all down like only they can!

Books of the Week
Matt: Think Tank #7
Chris: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #23
Ashley: Nightwing #20

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Arrow Watch Finale: 21m18s/

Batgirl #20: 30m30s/ Matt: 8.5 Chris: 8.0 Ashley: 8.0/

Batwoman #20: 36m18s/ Matt: 8.0 Chris: 8.0/

Nightwing #20: 40m45s/ Matt: 8.5 Ashley: 9.0/

Vibe #4: 46m21s/ Matt: 7.5 Chris: 7.0/

Wonder Woman #20: 51m22s/ Matt: 8.0 Chris: 8.0 Ashley: 6.5/

Fables #129: 57m58s/ Matt: 8.5 Chris: 8.5/

Age of Ultron #8: 1h01m23s/ Matt: 6.5 Chris: 6.5 Ashley: 6.0/

Cable and X-Force #8: 1h10m12s/ Chris: 7.5/

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #23: 1h12m14s/ Chris: 8.5/

Wolverine and the X-Men #29: 1h15m17s/ Matt: 7.5 Chris: 7.0 Ashley: 6.5/

Regular Show #1: 1h23m17s/ Matt: 5.0 Chris: 5.0/

Sonic Universe #52: 1h26m40s/ Matt: 8.0/

Think Tank #7: 1h29m49s/ Matt: 9.0/

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