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Thank you for joining us in part 4 of our 5 part series detailing the five major press conferences of E3 2014. Next up we close out Day 1 of the show with the other major press conference, the Sony Playstation one.

Fresh off a year of unparalleled success and positive PR momentum, did the undisputed "winner" of last years E3 win once more? How were the 1st party games looking? Did Destiny make a comeback appearance? Were there any surprise game reveals? What about indie support? Did Sony tackle the PS3 or Vita in a significant way? How about their Playstation NOW initiative or their Project Morpheus CR headset? Which third party games showed up to lend their support? How jaw droppingly gorgeous did Uncharted 4 look?
Answers to these and many more will be revealed as the NOLAnerds break down exactly what they thought of the Sony Playstation E3 press conference!
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