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Join Matt and Chris in this week's breakdown of the comics for 01/15/2012. We find yet another secret society in the new DCU, nominate dual Ho-Bags of the Week, and answer the longest string of fan mail questions ever. 

New format! Jump straight to the comic you want to hear us snark about by following this state of the art timeline chart thingy!

Intro and Brief Discussion of Cancelled/New DCU Titles - 00m00s

Fan Email - 06m30s

Batgirl #5 - 22m06s

Batwoman #5 - 24m50s

Deathstroke #5 - 28m00s

Demon Knights #5 - 30m25s

Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE #5 - 32m45s

Green Lantern #5 - 34m00s

Shade #4 - 36m00s

Unwritten #33 - 38m15s

Wolverine and the X-Men #4 - 40m20s

Batman and Robin #5 - 45m00s

DC Universe Legends #21 - 47m45s

Resurrection Man #5 - 49m25s

Buffy #5 - 51m05s

Suicide Squad #5 - 52m36s

Superboy #5 - 55m35s

Mega Man #9 - 58m00s

Grifter #5 - 59m45s

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