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So this week, a pretty big movie came out. You might have heard of it. Something about a dark knight versus a man of steel. But then a wondrous woman shows up. And they fight against the doom of the day. And some dude with hair is evil or something. 


But hey! Other stuff happened too! Like, DC made huge waves comics wise with their massive announcement of all of the DC Rebirth titles and creative teams. And we read some comics! Batman & Robin Eternal came to a conclusion. Saga continues to be awesome. Squirrel Girl teams up with Howard the Duck, and Chip Zdarsky sanctioned buffoonery ensues. Speaking of Chip Zdarsky buffoonery, Jughead is amazing. 


But that's not all! Josh flips out over Slain and Hyper Light Drifter, Scott continues to love wrestling fanfic, Chris ignores the rest of us for Avengers Academy, and so much more!


Batman & Robin: Eternal #26: 06m21s/


All-New X-Men #7: 09m09s/


Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #6: 11m22s/


Jughead #5: 15m51s/


Saga #35: 18m27s

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