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THE COUNTDOWN HAS COMMENCED! Now that the Honorable Mentions are out of the way, it is time to delve into the true meat of the Top 100 list. This part details our collective picks for numbers 100 all the way to 81. We discuss the merits of each game while simultaneously complaining whenever a game we didn't want on the list appears. Alas, that is the way is goes during a collaborative effort, not everyone can get their way. But then again, isn't that the fun of lists like these? Complaining about lists is one of the true joys of being a nerd. 

For this section of the list, we bid farewell to our resident Angry Gamer, Ronald "It Gon Rain" Bienemy who was off hosting a Baton Rouge Gaymers Event, but say hello to several others! This time we have Matt "I Cried During Lufia" Finneman, Chris "Thick Veiny Cock" Robinson, Scott "Hates RPGs" Brehm, Mason "TWEWY" Maldonado, Andy "Eye Roll" Niemann, and other Andy "The Thing Is" Dileo. 

What do you think of the first round of games? Agree? Disagree? Think a game should be ranked higher? Or not at all? Let us know! E-mail us at 

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