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It's week two of the massive DC Comics Convergence mega event! Last week we were treated to a pre Flashpoint Gotham City. This week welcomes us to the 90's era pre Zero Hour Metropolis! So beyond seeing what Aquaman, Superboy, the Suicide Squad, Green Lantern, and more were doing back in the 90s, this week the NOLAnerds also check out a whopping SIX Image books, including the return of the all star creative team of Think Tank on their brand new book, The Tithe! Add in some Marvel goodness and you have one hell of a week in comics! So join NOLAnerds Matt "Time Bandit" Finneman and Chris "Time Asshole" Robinson as they chit chat with guest star Andy "Kon El" Niemann about comics!

Books of the Week
Matt: The Tithe #1
Chris: Chrononauts #2
Email: 0m57s/
Current Events: 03m23s/
Convergence #2: 07m17s/
Convergence: Aquaman #1: 10m34s/
Convergence: Catwoman #1: 15m45s/
Convergence: Green Arrow #1: 18m20s/
Convergence: Green Lantern - Parallax #1: 20m27s/
Convergence: Justice League International #1: 23m50s/
Convergence: Shadow of the Bat #1: 26m39s/
Convergence: Suicide Squad #1: 31m31s/
Convergence: Superboy #1: 34m55s/
Convergence: Supergirl Matrix #1: 37m39s/
Convergence: Superman - Man of STEEL #1: 40m31s/
Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman #9: 43m30s/
Legendary Star-Lord #11: 45m40s/
Ms. Marvel #14: 49m26s/
Thor #7: 52m48s/
Uncanny X-Men #33: 55m29s/
Chrononauts #2: 57m51s/
Fade-Out #5: 1h02m29s/
Mega Man #48: 1h05m23s/
Sabrina (Chilling Adventures of) #2: 1h06m58s/
Secret Identities #3: 1h10m55s/
Shutter #11: 1h13m17s/
The Tithe #1: 1h16m34s/
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