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To the surprise of none of us, March was once again a major powerhouse in gaming. "The Spring Holiday" I like to call it when no one is listening so they won't make fun of me. This year, March takes on a special significance since it marked the release of what many are calling the first "true next gen must have game" with the release of the PS4's Bloodborne. But this month was also chock full of gaming news from GDC 2015, the shock that Nintendo is going mobile, and the release of a ton of insanely high quality indie games. So join NOLAnerds Matt "Axiom Verge-tastic" Finneman, Chris "Next Time On" Robinson, Garrett "Salty" Platner, Mason "Revelations Master" Maldonado, Ronald "BloodBorn for This" Bienemy, Doug "Ori" Rosenthal, Andy "Last Gen Holdout" Niemann and Dolly "Half Life 3 Confirmed" Pop as they break it all down!

Gaming News March 2015: 00m54s/
New Game Releases March 2015: 40m22s/
Ori and the Blind Forest: 1h04m51s/
Bloodborne: 1h11m20s/
Ending Chats, Look Forwards, Games with Gold, PS+ : 1h20m26s/
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