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Sure last week's 200th episode was a major milestone for us. But hey! The 50th episode of the 2.0 era is just as important! Right? Right. You get it. I could tell you were a smart cookie. This week was MASSIVE. We had the continuation of Secret Wars AND the premature relaunch of the Marvel universe. We had every single Star Wars book release on the same day. We had a volley of quality DC books, several new Image debuts, and so much more! So join NOLAnerds Matt "Jughead" Finneman and Chris "Star Wars Overload" Robinson as they share their love of comics with you!

Books of the Week
Matt: Jughead #1
Chris: Doctor Strange #1
Top 5 Moments
*Jughead's Game of Thrones Dream Sequence (Jughead #1)
*Cassandra Cain's Intro (Batman & Robin: Eternal #1)
*Midnighter and Grayson's Handcuff Fight (Midnighter #5)
*Ben Grimm's Realization (Secret Wars: Siege #4)
*Batman Beyond Goes Old School (Batman Beyond #5)
Email: 01m39s/
Current Events: 07m15s/
Action Comics #45: 09m29s/
Batman Beyond #5: 12m31s/
Batman & Robin: Eternal #1: 14m43s/
Cyborg #3: 17m37s/
Detective Comics #45: 19m13s/
Green Lantern #45: 21m28s/
Midnighter #5: 23m44s/
Sensation Comics Wonder Woman #15: 26m38s/
Doctor Strange #1: 28m19s/
Invincible Iron Man #1: 34m35s/
Secret Wars #6: 37m49s/
Secret Wars: Old Man Logan #5: 41m25s/
Secret Wars: Siege #4: 43m41s/
Star Wars #10: 46m18s/
Star Wars: Darth Vader #10: 47m24s/
Star Wars: Lando #5: 48m35s/
Star Wars: Shattered Empire #2: 50m49s/
Axcend #1: 52m55s/
Codename: Baboushka #1: 55m40s/
Jughead #1: 57m54s/
Paper Girls #1: 1h00m31s/
Plutona #2: 1h03m08s/
We Stand On Guard #4: 1h05m38s/
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