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September. September is the dam that holds back the crushing waves of the holiday deluge of video games. Cracks start to appear in the dam, but it is still fairly strong. Damn, I am good at metaphors. This month in gaming we discuss the news from the Tokyo Game Show, discuss the merits of the true reveal of all pertinent Wii U information, talk about new game announcements, as well as laud Sony for the Day One Digital initiative. We also break down the games of the month, from the big dogs of Borderlands 2 (we even give it a mini review!) and World of Warcraft to the smaller gems like Black Mesa and Torchlight 2. Join the Nola Nerds Matt "Twenty Twizzle" Finneman, Chris "Loves Hexagon" Robinson, Ronald "Huge Nintendo Fan" Bienemy, Scott "Brass Fan" Brehm, Mason "Early Adopter" Maldonado, and Andy "Tokyo Jungle" Niemann.

Gaming News of September: 01m18s/

Games of September: 40m10s/

Borderlands 2 Review: 1h09m10s/

Final Thoughts: 1h28m00s/

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