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New year of video games folks! And with that new year comes a glut of new info and a dearth of new games. This month was ruled by Kickstarter, with several of the biggest releases being born from the community driven site last year or the year before. This month also brought us HUGE Playstation news from CES, a wealth of leaked info about Microsoft, numerous negative reports about Nintendo's financial future, as well as the reveal of the first wave of PC Steam Machines. So join NOLAnerds Matt "PS NOW" Finneman, Chris "Kingdom Hearts is the Devil" Robinson, Ronald "Lightning Lover" Bienemy, Mason "Understands the Kingdom Hearts Timeline" Maldonado, and Zack "Frames per Second Devil's Advocate" St. Onge as they discuss ALL THE THINGS!

Gaming News of January 2014: 02m33s/

Game Releases of January 2014: 49m10s/

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