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VIDJA GAMES! Things happened this month, as they always do in March, or as we like to call it, Second Christmas. Seriously. It seems like every major game that slipped from November ends up in March. This month gave us the first two exclusive heavy hitters for the next gen consoles, a Facebook buyout that shocked the internet, more PS4 sales dominance, new game announcements, the greatest licensed game to ever release, and much more! So join NOLAnerds Matt "Neon-ophile" Finneman, Chris "Big Boss" Robinson, Garrett "Dark Souls Master Race" Platner, Zack "Devil's Advocate" St. Onge, and introducing Tim "South Park Fan" Moseley as they break down the month in style.

Gaming News March 2014: 02m13s/

Game Releases March 2014: 41m34s/

Titanfall: 56m30s/

South Park: Stick of Truth: 1h02m17s/

Infamous: Second Son: 1h10m53s/

Ending & PS+/Games for Gold Announcements: 1h18m35s/


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