We're just a couple of guys from New Orleans who like talking about comics, video games, anime and movies!

Welcome video game fans to the latest hard hitting and incredibly well polished and professional episode of the Nola Nerd's Video Game podcast! This time around the Nerds gather to talk shop about the news and games that graced our consoles, handhelds, and PCs for the months of May and June. But that isn't all! No sirree. We also break down each of the 5 major press conferences from E3 2012! That's right - the nerds discuss the events behind Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, Sony, and Nintendo (in order) and all the info that was released during those few crazy days. What were the Nola Nerds' favorite games of May and June? Which games garnered the "Worst of the Month" award? What were our favorite games of the E3 show? Who won? Who lost? Tune in to find out.

This time the Nola Nerds are Matt "Last of Us" Finneman, Chris "Metroplex" Robinson, Ronald "Kratos Rage" Bienemy, Mason "Leon S Kennedy - the S stands for Sucks" Maldonado, and Andy "Connor Creed" Niemann.

May 2012 - 02m05s/

June 2012 - 25m30s/

E3 2012 - 36m40s/

Microsoft Press Conference - 41m57s/

EA Press Conference - 1h02m34s/

Ubisoft Press Conference - 1h10m20s/

Sony Press Conference - 1h22m50s/

Nintendo Press Conference - 1h36m00s/

E3 Best Of: Nola Nerds' Top 3 - 1h53m50s/

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