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This, is the rallying cry of our review.

You are about to listen to the two and a half hour extravaganza that is the Nola Nerds' first ever in depth video game review! Join Matt "Supports the Indoctrination Theory" Finneman, Chris "Is Ambivalent Towards the Indoctrination Theory" Robinson, Kevin "Doesn't Really Agree with the Indoctrination Theory" Blackwell, and introducing Josh "Never Watched the Indoctrination Theory" Bowman as they break the game down.

How did our games differ? What branching paths did we all take? Who survived? What ending did we achieve? Did we like multiplayer? Which Mass Effect was the better shooter? The better RPG? The better overall game? From the big moments to the smallest nitpicks, it is all here! But most importantly, WHAT DID WE THINK ABOUT THE ENDING? Why does Chris hate Ashley so much? Tune in the find out! General time stamps below:

Write-In Opinions: 02m00s/

Graphics Breakdown: 13m30s/

Sound/Voice/Music Breakdown: 31m21s/

Gameplay/Comparison Breakdown: 38m15s/

Story/Plot Breakdown: 1h05m32s/

Pros: 1h42m01s/

Cons: 1h55m0s/

Ending Opinions: 2h04m40s/

Final Opinions + Ratings: 2h25m50s/

Multiplayer Mini-Breakdown: 2h30m06s/

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