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Thank you all for coming to celebrate the Nola Nerds' comics podcast Golden Birthday! Well, for two of us. The others are either young whippersnappers or old decrepit men. But it isn't their Golden Birthday Podcast so who cares? How are we celebrating? With an Ice Cream Podcast Party! This week we tackle the newest additions to DCs New 52 as well as delve into the next round of Avengers Vs X-Men, with everything in between coming into play. Join Matt "Would Marry Iron Fist" Finneman, Chris "I Want to Bang 15 Year Old Hope" Robinson, Scott "Look Who Decided to Show Up" Brehm, Barbie "Ate ALL OF MY GODDAMN ICE CREAM" Cure, and Andy "Thank Goodness No Star Wars Books" Niemann. Time stamps below:

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Corporate Sponsors: 12m25s/

Current Events: 15m18s/

Fury Max #1: 17m35s/

Action Comics #9: 20m04s/

Animal Man #9: 24m38s/

Dial H #1: 29m05s/

Earth 2 #1: 32m36s/

Justice League International #9: 38m41s/

Stormwatch #9: 41m40s/

Swamp Thing #9: 45m28s/

Teen Titans Annual #1: 49m10s/

World's Finest #1: 53m58s/

Avengers vs. X-Men #3: 58m00s/

Avengers Academy #29: 1h06m13s/

Daredevil #12: 1h10m41s/

Batwing #9: 1h13m40s/

Detective Comics #9: 1h16m43s/

Red Lanterns #9: 1h18m52s/

Smallville Season 11 #1: 1h20m50s/

Invincible Iron Man #516: 1h23m24s/

Ultimate Spider-Man #10: 1h25m50s/

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