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Man..episode 51. Coming off of the high of the hijinks filled 50th mega episode, could anything truly rival? Who cares? We've got comics to talk about! It is the original duo tackling the week in the biz as we talk about 'Arrow' pilot debut, dissect Chris' lack of TV love, poor event tie-ins, and ridiculous corporate sponsors. Join Matt "Cyclops was Right" Finneman and Chris "Speedy (In Bed)" Robinson as they hate on each other, love comics, and generally end up doing whatever they want to do.

Books of the Week
Matt: Avengers vs. X-Men: Consequences #2
Chris: Batwoman #13

Email: 01m42s/

Corporate Sponsors: 08m52s/

Current Events: 12m19s/

Catwoman #13: 20m41s/ Matt: 6.0 Chris: 6.0/

DC Universe Presents #13: 23m02s/ Matt: 7.5 Chris: 7.5/

He-Man: Masters of the Universe #3: 25m40s/ Chris: 5.0/

Before Watchmen: Minutemen #4: 27m36s/ Matt: 9.0 Chris: 9.0/

Batwoman #13: 31m58s/ Matt: 9.0 Chris: 9.0/

Birds of Prey #13: 36m11s/ Matt: 8.0/

Green Lantern: New Guardians #13: 38m22s/ Matt: 8.0 Chris: 7.5/

Justice League #13: 42m02s/ Matt: 8.5 Chris: 8.0/

Nightwing #13: 46m52s/ Matt: 8.0/

Wonder Woman #13: 50m28s/ Matt: 8.5 Chris: 8.5/

Avengers vs. X-Men: Consequences #2: 53m29s/ Matt: 9.0 Chris: 8.0/

Daredevil #19: 58m10s/ Matt: 8.0 Chris: 7.0/

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #16: 1h01m48s/ Chris: 7.5/

Uncanny X-Men #20: 1h04m52s/ Matt: 7.5 Chris: 7.5/

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Alright. Deep breath. Deep breath. One. Two.. THREE! HAPPY FIFTIETH EPISODE! Seriously, we have done fifty of these. If you know us at all, and I'd like to think that after all this time you would, you would be just as surprised as us that our laziness never stopped us. Delayed us in uploading them sure, but never stopped us! So to celebrate this momentous occasion, the Nola Nerds are proud to announce that we will now be doing video reviews for a wide array of things in conjunction with our movie reviews. Comics, video games, trade collections, TV...the possibilities are endless! But this week in our show we have tons of new emails, and DC Comics and Scott Snyder were kind enough to release Batman #13 and the start of Death of the Family to help celebrate our 50th episode! This week join the Nola Nerds Matt "Snoop Lion" Finneman, Chris "#1 Stunna" Robinson, Scott "Psy" Brehm, and Andy "Drake" Niemann as they bring you the week in comics!

Books of the Week
Matt: Batman #13
Chris: Batman #13
Scott: Batman #13
Andy: Batman #13

CLEAN SWEEP WEEK! Congrats to Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo!

Email: 01m52s/

Corporate Sponsors: 25m01s/

Current Events: 26m50s/

Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan #2: 34m38s/ Matt: 7.5/

Batgirl #13: 38m29s/ Matt: 8.5 Chris: 8.0 Scott: 8.0 Andy: 8.5/

Batman #13: 44m42s/ Matt: 9.0 Chris: 9.0 Scott: 9.0 Andy: 9.5/

Batman and Robin #13: 51m10s/ Matt: 6.5/

Demon Knights #13: 53m12s/ Matt: 8.0 Chris: 8.0 Andy: 8.0/

Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE #13: 57m53s/ Matt: 7.5 Chris: 8.0/ 

Green Lantern Corps #13: 1h00m15s/ Matt: 8.0 Chris: 7.5/

Phantom Stranger #1: 1h04m25s/ Matt: 8.0 Chris: 8.0 Andy: 8.0/

Suicide Squad #13: 1h07m11s/ Matt: 8.5/

Team 7 #1: 1h09m42s/ Matt: 7.5 Chris: 6.5/

Avengers vs. X-Men: Consequences #1: 1h13m24s/ Matt: 7.0 Chris: 6.5/

Invincible Iron Man #526: 1h17m06s/ Matt: 7.5/

Uncanny Avengers #1: 1h19m22s/ Matt: 7.5 Chris: 7.0 Andy: 7.0/

Wolverine and the X-Men #18: 1h28m07s/ Matt: 8.5 Chris: 8.5/

Mega Man #18: 1h32m03s/ Matt: 7.0/

Adventure Time: Marceline and the Scream Queens #4: 1h36m18s/ Matt: 7.0 Chris: 6.0/

Think Tank #3: 1h39m32s/ Matt: 8.0/

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