We're just a couple of guys from New Orleans who like talking about comics, video games, anime and movies!

The countdown continues! The Nola Nerds once more head out to break down some knowledge on the finest video games our great hobby has to offer. Old and new, hard and easy, blockbuster and niche, no title that deserves their spot on this list goes unnoticed! We discuss everything from the 3D debut of several classic franchises, to a western masterpiece, to one of the most memorable survival horror games around, to one of the single best licensed fighting games around and many more! Like lists? Love games? Then this is the place you need to be! Join the Nola Nerds Matt "Shikamaru" Finneman, Chris "Sam Fisher" Robinson, Ronald "Lenneth" Bienemy, Mason "Sanity" Maldonado, and Andy "Raz" Niemann as they tell you everything you need to know about our top picks for numbers 41 through 20!

Tell us what you think! Now that we are getting closer and closer to the best games of all time, are there any choices you feel deserved a higher spot? What about a lower one? What games got the total shaft that you felt needed to be represented? Let us know!

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Normally the number 52 doesn't mean much. But in the comics world, especially for DC, 52 is chock full of awesome. And this episode of the Nola Nerd Podcast is just as awesome as 52. It's also as weekly. In fact, we are totally 52. I call Booster Gold! This week the Nola Nerds debut 'Arrow Watch,' answer some hard hitting emails, welcome a new all ages book, say goodbye to some Marvel gems, and discuss how to accurately portray New Orleans in a comic. So without further ado, let us move on! Join the Nola Nerds Matt "Booster" Finneman and Chris "Dibny" Robinson as they serenade you with comic news in their sexual dulcet tones.

Books of the Week
Matt: Bravest Warriors #1
Chris: Punisher: War Zone #1

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Corporate Sponsors: 10m45s/

Current Events: 12m48s/

All-Star Western #13: 21m35s/ Matt: 7.5/

Flash #13: 24m11s/ Matt: 8.5 Chris: 8.5/

Justice League Dark #13: 27m35s/ Matt: 9.0 Chris: 9.0/

National Comics: Madame X #1: 31m02s/ Matt: 7.5 Chris: 7.5/

Red Lanterns #13: 34m11s/ Matt: 8/0 Chris: 7.0/

Talon #1: 38m07s/ Matt: 8.0 Chris: 8.0/

Teen Titans #13: 41m58s/ Matt: 8.0 Chris: 7.5/

Fables #122: 45m38s/ Matt: 8.0 Chris: 8.5/

Unwritten #42: 49m02s/ Matt: 9.0 Chris: 8.5/

Avengers vs. X-Men: Consequences #3: 52m22s/ Matt: 9.0 Chris: 8.5/

Invincible Iron Man #527: 55m33s/ Matt: 8.0/

Punisher: War Zone #1: 58m24s/ Matt: 9.0 Chris: 9.0/

Adventure Time #9: 1h02m06s/ Matt: 8.5 Chris: 8.5/

Bravest Warriors #1: 1h05m13s/ Matt: 9.0 Chris: 8.0/

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