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This was an odd week. It was a notorious fifth week, which meant vastly fewer books to read than usual, as well as another round of annuals. But this also marked the very first NOLAnerdcas where Chris was absent! I would have cried myself to sleep had it not been for the always wonderful Ashley stepping in to save the day! So jump right on in to one of the quickest shows we've done - minus all of the random tangents we go off into. Join NOLAnerds Matt "MEGA MAN SONIC CROSSOVER" Finneman and Ashley "Could Not Care Less About Your Dumb Crossover" Butler and listen to them chat about comics and junk!

Books of the Week
Matt: Justice League of America #4 
Ashley: X-Men #1

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Current Events: 03m20s/

Batman: Li'l Gotham #2: 12m21s/ Matt: 7.5/

Justice League of America #4: 15m07s/ Matt: 8.5 Ashley: 8.5/

Indestructible Hulk #8: 23m59s/ Matt: 6.0/

Wolverine and the X-Men #30: 27m05s/ Matt: 8.0 Ashley: 8.0/

X-Men #1: 32m33s/ Matt: 8.0 Ashley: 8.5/

Adventure Time Annual #1: 38m46s/ Matt: 7.0/

Sonic the Hedgehog #249: 41m03s/ Matt: 8.5/

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Sometimes you get a month that has few notable releases, but a ton of information. That, was this month. The bulk of what we learned about the industry this month was contained in the Microsoft reveal of the XBox 1, and we have an entire show dedicated to just that (Ep18) But there was a lot more to get excited about this month! Star Wars got a new master. DC met Scribblenauts. Nintendo scored a Sonic coup. Tim Schafer wowed us with his newest Kickstarter pitch. Far Cry entertained us with Blood Dragon. The iPad became the newest home to Star Wars: KOTOR. All of this and more gets discussed on this, our May video game podcast!

Gaming News of May: 0m45s/

Nintendo Corner: 29m18s/

Game Releases of May: 47m08s/

Massive Chalice Discussion

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