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Hey! It's he tv show! We are here but where are the shows? This week we talk about the only things that happened in our shortest episode ever. We talk about powers in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, the imminent departure of Fish Mooney and .... I guess that's it. i mean really there were only two shows this week. So enjoy!

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t's a lighter comics week finally, allowing the NOLAnerds' wallets to relax a bit. This week we bid a fond farewell to the final Charles Soule DC offering, welcome Princess Leia to the Marvel universe, and enjoy a double helping of Jeff Lemire premieres. Or Jeff "Premieres" if you will. Man I am hilarious. So join NOLAnerds Matt "Rogue Jordan" Finneman, Chris "Secret Grayson Organization" Robinson and guest starring Andy "Star Wars" Niemann as they welcome the week that was.

Books of the Week
Matt: Future's End #44
Chris: Saga #26
Email: 01m00s/
Current Events: 10m38s/
Batman: Eternal #48: 14m54s/
Earth 2 #32: 19m14s/ 
Earth 2: World's End #22: 22m28s/
Future's End #44: 26m10s/
Grayson #8: 29m59s/
Green Lantern #40: 32m43s/
Lobo #6: 36m47s/
Swamp Thing #40: 40m24s/
All-New Hawkeye #1: 43m11s/
Rocket Raccoon #9: 48m41s/
Star Wars: Princess Leia #1: 51m15s/
Black Science #12: 54m55s/
Descender #1: 57m42s/
Saga #26: 59m57s/
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