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We have arrived at the new DC You! DC's new direction begins this week with a bunch of new releases covering all the bases. Lighthearted and fun? Check. Kid friendly? Check. Diverse? Check. Grimdark? Still present. Huge epics? Still here! Toss in an increasingly amazing Secret Wars installment and some great tie ins, add in great Image books, and we have one hell of a week for comics! So join NOLAnerds Matt "L'il Buddy" Finneman and Chris "MODOK //Kill//" Robinson as they chat you up!

Books of the Week
Matt: L'il Avengers vs X-Men #1
Matt: MODOK Assassin #1
Top 5 Moments
*Persephone (The Wicked + The Divine #11)
*The Entire Damn Book (L'il Avengers vs X-Men #1)
*Han Solo's Wife (Star Wars #6)
*Coyote Kick (No Mercy #3)
*Midnighter's Rorschach Moment (Midnighter #1)
Email: 02m11s/
Current Events: 05m10s/
Action Comics #41: 10m23s/
Batman Beyond #1: 13m45s/
Green Lantern #41: 16m35s/
Justice League #41: 18m41s/
Midnighter #1: 22m19s/
Omega Men #1: 25m00s/
All-New X-Men #41: 29m36s/
L'il Avengers vs X-Men #1: 32m44s/
MODOK: Assassin #1: 35m31s/
Secret Wars #3: 38m07s/
Star Wars #6: 41m40s/
Star Wars; Darth Vader #6: 45m20s/
Star Wars: Princess Leia #4: 45m59s/
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #6: 47m06s/
X-Men: Years of Future Past #1: 49m34s/
Autumnlands: Tooth & Claw #6: 52m00s/
Kaptara #2: 54m16s/
No Mercy #3: 56m04s/
Uncanny: Season 2 #3: 58m21s/
The Wicked + The Divine #11: 1h01m04s/
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Boy it sure has been a bit hasn't it? The NOLAnerds didn't do a dedicated show for April due to the lack of big news or big releases, but there was still enough that we decided to break it down in a rapid fire fashion during our May show! But none of that matters because we are SO CLOSE TO E3 2015! This episode the NOLAnerds pare down to the basics with the OG crew taking over as they discuss everything from the Nintendo Directs to the new Star Wars game, to the latest new marketing deals, to a joy filled discussion of Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. So join NOLAnerds Matt "Gwent" Finneman and Chris "Actually Played Games" Robinson!

Gaming News April 2015: 00m52s/
Gaming News May 2015: 16m19s/
New Games April 2015: 35m40s/
New Games May 2015: 40m21s/
Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: 46m43s/
Ending/Playstation Plus/Games with Gold: 59m14s/
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