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When we first made episode 5, we were constrained by the technology of the era we made it in. Now that tehcnology has caught up with our vision, I am happy to present to you the new and improved episode 5. Including beloved characters digitally placed into frames, more lens flair, and 50% less white noise. A gift for you and for your family.

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Do you remember that episode of Clone High where Abe tries not to sleep to impress Cleo? Yeah picture Matt as sleepy Abe and then you have a clearer picture of what we are working with over here at NOLANerdHQ. Anyway we talk about comics, and Clone High and Digimon and just how startlingly tired Matt looks.


Comics time stamps:


Miss Marvel 4: 8:51

Avengers: 20:21

All New X-men 4: 23:17

Old Man Logan 2: 35:13

Batman 49: 41:28


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