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Welcome back devoted gamers and list lovers! We hope you are ready for more gaming greatness as we continue our climb to the top! As we continue to talk our way to #1, it becomes increasingly difficult for us to place games over others. Each game on this list is a classic in its own right, and sometimes the only reason other games placed higher is because more Nola Nerds advocated for it. It is a long and winding journey that nearly ended one friendship. If that kind of drama doesn't make for good fake internet radio, I don't know what does! This time we talk about everything from sequels to beloved games, to a more mature relaunch of a gaming icon, to arguably one of the best video game movie tie in of all time, to a game that was more than met the eye, and many more. Join Matt "Replicant" Finneman, Chris "I Hate Drake" Robinson, Ronald "Hogan" Bienemy, Mason "Cybertron" Maldonado, Andy "Colossi" Niemann, and Andy "Maverick" Dileon as they usher you into to the world of gaming greats!

What do you think? Agree? Disagree? Think Chris is a big ol' bitch? Think Andy's black lung cough sounds wonderful over the internet? Sound off and let us know at any of our wonderfully convenient social media destinations! 

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