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Welcome to a brand new year! The first week of 2015, and the NOLAnerds couldn't be happier. After a two week break due to comics day falling on both Christmas Eve AND New Years Eve, we have a lot to catch up on! This week the NOLAnerds dive into the DC weeklies, another dose of Rick Remender's life, a great new installment of Fade Out, and the debut of a hilarious new Marvel book that is sure to charm all comers. So join NOLAnerds Matt "Unbeatable" Finneman and Chris "Headcanon" Robinson as they discuss everything you need to know!

Books of the Week
Matt: Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1
Chris: Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1
Email: 04m49s/
Current Events: 07m33s/
Batman: Eternal #40: 14m44s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 3.0/
Earth 2 #30: 17m28s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 3.5/
Earth 2: World's End #14: 19m28s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 3.0/
Future's End #36: 22m22s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.5/
Green Lantern #38: 24m57s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.5/
Lobo #4: 27m47s/ Matt: 3.5/
Swamp Thing #38: 29m22s/ Chris: 3.5/
Fairest #33: 31m41s/ Matt: 4.0 Chris: 4.0/
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1: 37m57s/ Matt: 4.0 Chris: 4.5/
Birthright #4: 43m07s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.5/
Deadly Class #10: 45m45s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.5/
Fade Out #4: 48m40s/ Matt: 4.0 Chris: 4.0/
ODY-C #2: 52m46s/ Chris: 3.5/
Trees #8: 54m58s/ Chris: 3.5/
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