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This week on the Nola Nerd Podcast, the gang breaks down the new weeks' books, as well as breaking down the new animated programming blocks for both DC and Marvel! See which comics this week get recommended for new readers, and which ones are best left for a trade! Join Matt "I Heart the Runaways" Finneman, Chris "Goddamn do I love OMAC" Robinson, and Scott "Detective Comics sucked and stuff happened" Brehm on the latest edition of the world renowned NolaNerdPodcast! Which comic did all three Nola Nerds agree was one of the best issues of the entire year? Listen in and find out! Time stamps below:

Email: 2m40s/

Corporate Sponsors: 6m40s/

DC Nation/Marvel Universe: 10m20s/

Nightforce #1: 17m02s/

Defenders #5: 19m04s/

Action Comics #7: 23m37s/

Animal Man #7: 29m26s/

Justice League International #7: 34m43s/

Stormwatch #7: 38m54s/

Swamp Thing #7: 42m40s/

Fairest #1: 48m10s/

Age of Apocalypse #1: 52m54s/

Avengers Academy #27: 56m34s/

Ultimate Spider-Man #8: 58m55s/

DC Universe Legends #25: 1h02m12s/

Red Lanterns #7: 1h04m40s/

OMAC #7: 1h08m02s/

Detective Comics #7: 1h13m12s/

Static Shock #7: 1h16m00s/

Batwing #7: 1h19m17s/

Uncanny X-Men #8: 1h22m14s/

Green Arrow #7: 1h24m40s/

Avengers: Children's Crusade #9: 1h26m18s

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