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This was an amazing week for the Nola Nerds! Almost every book that came out this week was either solid or incredible, with improvements across the board. A great time to be a comics fan! Not much happened this week aside from a landslide of quality books to cover, so come join Matthew "Drank from the damn bottle apparently" Finneman, Chris "Gremlin Toes" Robinson, Scott "Surly" Brehm, and Barbie "Ate a salad as well as painted her damn toes" Cure as they launch into a great week in comics. Time stamps below:

Email: 03m06s/

Fake Corporate Sponsors: 07m08s/

Current Events (Amy Reeder): 11m55s/

Avengers Assemble #1: 13m45s/

Saucer Country #1: 17m50s/

Batgirl #7: 21m00s/

Batwoman #7: 27m34s/

Deathstroke #7: 32m52s/

Demon Knights #7: 37m54s/

Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE #7: 42m32s/

Green Lantern #7: 45m28s/

Shade #6: 50m00s/

Unwritten #35: 54m47s/

Punisher #9: 58m33s/

Wolverine and the X-Men #7: 1h02m14s/

Saga #1: 1h08m49s/

Suicide Squad #7: 1h15m50s/

Superboy #7: 1h23m08s/

Batman and Robin #7: 1h26m40s/

Adventure Time #2: 1h30m13s/

Resurrection Man #7: 1h34m00s/

Buffy Season 9 #7: 1h37m20s/

Mega Man #11: 1h40m18s/

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