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After last weeks sheer amount of books we covered, this weeks return to a normal amount of books was a refreshing change of pace. Only one new Marvel NOW book shipped this week, but we had plenty of other things to discuss. We talk about the end of the Rotworld crossover, the latest episodes of comic book TV shows, the shockingly great new creative team for a previously laughably bad DC main title, and continue our coverage of some excellent Marvel books. So join Nola Nerds Matt "Arrow Lover" Finneman, Chris "Superior" Robinson, and Andy "Lover of the Strange" Niemann as they once more take you into the world of comics.

Books of the Week
Matt: Green Arrow #17
Chris: Superior Spider-Man #3
Andy: Phantom Strange #5

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Defenders #1: 17m44s/ Matt: 6.5 Chris: 6.5/

Animal Man #17: 22m07s/ Matt: 8.5 Chris: 8.5/

Swamp Thing #17: 25m19s/ Matt: 8.0 Chris: 8.0/

Earth 2 #9: 29m29s/ Matt: 8.5 Chris: 8.5 Andy: 8.5/

Green Arrow #17: 35m23s/ Matt: 9.0 Chris: 8.0 Andy: 8.0/

Phantom Stranger #5: 40m19s/ Matt: 8.5 Chris: 8.0 Andy: 9.0/

Stormwatch #17: 44m54s/ Matt: 8.5 Chris: 8.0/

Fairest #12: 49m36s/ Matt: 8.5 Chris: 8.5/

All-New X-Men #7: 54m13s/ Matt: 8.5 Chris: 8.5/

Iron Man #6: 58m20s/ Matt: 8.0 Chris: 8.0/

Superior Spider-Man #3: 1h01m54s/ Matt: 8.5 Chris: 9.0 Andy: 8.5/

Thunderbolts #4: 1h06m23s/ Matt: 5.5 Chris: 6.0 Andy: 6.0/

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #20: 1h09m29s/ Chris: 7.5/

Adventure Time: Fiona and Cake #2: 1h11m56s/ Matt: 7.5 Chris: 7.5 Andy: 7.5/

Think Tank #5: 1h14m56s/ Matt: 8.0/

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