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It is a rare 5th week this time around on the NOLAnerdcast, but it certainly doesn't feel that way! Sure, DC is offering us the normal salvo of annuals, but with Secret Wars still going strong and with the return of both Lazarus AND Sex Criminals, Marvel and Image are bringing in the quality! So join NOLAnerds Matt "Ikari" Finneman and Chris "Sunkern" Robinson as they chit chat about comic book soup for the alcoholic soul!

Books of the Week
Matt: Daredevil #17
Chris: Batgirl Annual #3
Email: 00m58s/
Current Events: 02m15s/
Batgirl #42: 07m10s/
Batgirl Annual #3: 09m54s/
Flash Annual #4: 13m06s/
Gotham by Midnight Annual #1: 15m12s/
Superman #42: 17m56s/
Daredevil #17: 21m53s/
Secret Wars: MODOK Assassin #3: 25m09s/
Secret Wrs: Thors #2: 27m54s/
Star Wars #7: 30m47s/
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #4: 32m31s/
Invisible Republic #5: 35m44s/
Lazarus #18: 38m17s/
Sex Criminals #11: 41m27s/
Sonic Boom #10: 46m04s/
Tithe #4: 49m23s/
Wolf #1: 53m07s/
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