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Shh! Did you hear that noise? That's the sound of a fresh week of comics sneaking up on us! This week the NOLAnerds welcome back the world of Bitch Planet, prepare to say goodbye to a few Secret Wars stories, and continue their love affair with the new Starfire. So join NOLAnerds Matt "Not a Jerkface" Finneman and Chris "Totes a Jerkface" Robinson as they talk it all up for your listening pleasure.

Books of the Week
Matt: Secret Wars: Civil War #4
Chris: Starfire #4
Top 5 Moments
*Starfire's Girl Time (Starfire #4)
*The Blue's Invasion (Secret Wars: Civil War #4)
*Ms Marvel says Goodbye to Captain Marvel (Ms. Marvel #18)
*Red Skull's Finale (Secret Wars: Red Skull #3)
*Herpes Kids (Deadly Class #16)
Email: 02m51s/
Current Events: 05m11s/
Action Comics #44: 10m29s/
Batman #44: 13m51s/
Batman/Superman #24: 17m36s/
Earth 2: Society #4: 20m03s/
Gotham Academy #10: 22m57s/
Starfire #4: 24m50s/
Ms. Marvel #18: 28m07s/
Secret Wars: A-Force #4: 31m09s/
Secret Wars: Civil War #4: 33m27s/
Secret Wars: Red Skull #3: 36m37s/
Secret Wars: Siege #3: 39m04s/
Star Wars: Darth Vader #9: 42m01s/
Star Wars: Shattered Empire #1: 43m58s/
Bitch Planet #5: 47m47s/
Deadly Class #16: 51m34s/
Injection #5: 55m55s/
Outcast #12: 58m44s/
Phonogram #2: 59m54s/
Wicked + the Divine #14: 1h01m53s/
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