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Something seems special about this week's comics show. Maybe it's because it's a fifth week? Fewer comics...more annuals... no, that doesn't sound right. Maybe it is because THIS IS THE NOLANERDCAST'S TWO HUNDREDTH COMICS EPISODE?? It's hard to believe it has been four years and some change since we began this little endeavor. So come and join NOLAnerds Matt "Craves a High Five" Finneman and Chris "Loves Pokemon Porn" Robinson as they celebrate this crazy milestone.

Books of the Week
Matt: Justice League #44
Chris: Grayson Annual #2
Top 5 Moments
*Black Racer Flash (Justice League #44)
*Bruce Wayne's Beatdown (Batman Annual #4)
*Jughead Being Awesome (Archie #3)
*Sandman Comes Full Circle (Sandman: Overture #6)
*Grayson and Superman (Grayson Annual #2)
Email: 04m21s/
Current Events: 08m30s/
Aquaman #44: 11m11s/
Batman Annual #4: 14m43s/
Grayson Annual #2: 20m17s/
Green Lantern Annual #4: 23m04s/
Justice League #44: 25m11s/
Secret Wars: Inferno #5: 28m57s/
Archie #3: 32m02s/
Sandman: Overture #6: 34m51s/
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