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October now comes to a close, and the NOLAnerdcast is here to bring you the spoooookiest episode of the show yet! And by that I mean, we mention that it is Halloween. So...there's that. This week we get to welcome the newest Greg Rucka Image book, read a metric ton of DC comics, watch as God Batman wrecks Joe Chill's day, and more! So join NOLAnerds Matt "Sinestro" Finneman and Chris "Teth Adam" Robinson as these BFFs break it down for you!


Books of the Week

Matt: Batgirl #45

Chris: Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1


Top 5 Moments

*Batgirl Breaks it Down to Grayson (Batgirl #45)

*Batman Goes God Mode on Potential Criminals (Justice League: Darkseid War - Batman #1)

*The American Apology Tour (Prez #5)

*Sinestro & Black Adam are BFFs (Sinestro #16)

*AIMs Lexus Incentive (New Avengers #2)


Email: 02m23s/


Current Events: 08m53s/


Aquaman #45: 14m05s/


Batgirl #45: 16m03s/


Batman 66 #28: 18m57s/


Batman & Robin: Eternal #4: 20m39s/


Cyborg #4: 23m34s/


Flash #45: 25m59s/


Gotham by Midnight #10: 28m51s/


Grayson #13: 30m19s/


Justice League: Darkseid War - Batman #1: 33m51s/


Prez #5: 37m59s/


Sinestro #16: 42m45s/


Superman #45: 45m34s/


We Are Robin #5: 48m53s/


New Avengers #2: 51m58s/


Secret Wars: House of M #4: 54m22s/


Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1: 56m33s/


Black Magick #1: 1h01m03s/

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