We're just a couple of guys from New Orleans who like talking about comics, video games, anime and movies!

New Books! New Guest Stars! New Emails! New Ridiculous Tangents that have NOTHING to do with the topic! NEW NEW NEW NEW! Join the Nola Nerds as they once more brave the untamed wilderness that is the newest wave of comic books! Join Matt "I Love the Runaways" Finneman, Chris "I Hate Hate HATE Bachalo's Art" Robinson, Scott "Doesn't Know the Purpose of Vague" Brehm, Barbie "Yup, Still Painting Her Toes" Cure, and introducing Andy "Unnamed Theatre Troupe" Niemann as they do what it is we do - talk about comics! Sometimes. Sometimes it goes way off track. But that's ok - it keeps you on point. Time stamps below:

Email: 03m01s/

Corporate Sponsors: 11m40s/

Captain/Ms Marvel: 17m40s/

Fanboys vs. Zombie #1: 18m55s/

Sweet Tooth #23: 20m07s/

Action Comics #8: 22m23s/

Animal Man #8: 26m57s/

Justice League International #8: 31m34s/

Stormwatch #8: 34m27s/

Swamp Thing #8: 36m50s/

Fairest #2: 41m38s/

Avengers Academy #28: 45m26s/

Avengers vs. X-Men #1: 48m13s/

Daredevil #10.1: 55m45s/

Wolverine and the X-Men #8: 59m39s/

Age of Apocalypse #2: 1h03m32s/

Batwing #8: 1h07m30s/

Static Shock #8: 1h10m13s/

OMAC #8: 1h12m00s/

Detective Comics #8: 1h14m06s/

Red Lanterns #8: 1h17m34s/

Ultimate Spider-Man #9: 1h19m28s/

Blacksad: 1h23m27s/

Star Wars: Dark Times #19: 1h26m29s

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O SNAP! Nola Nerds are back at it again! You know, since last week. Since we do this every week. Like clockwork. Well, really laggy inconsistent clockwork. The kind of clock you'd get from a flea market or something. Moving on! Join the Nola Nerds as they break down the week in books and talk about the industry at large. The Nerds this week are Matt "Rape Snakes" Finneman, Chris "Finally Knows the Difference Between Warcraft and Warhammer" Robinson, and Scott "I Hate Bunker" Brehm.

Fun easter egg! Find out which body part of our friend David is utterly disgusting. Pics up on the Facebook page! Time stamps below:

Emails: 01m38s/

Corporate Sponsors: 07m12s/

New Deadwardians #1: 10m11s/

Mighty Thor #12: 11m15s/

Aquaman #7: 13m50s/

Flash #7: 17m57s/

Green Lantern: New Guardians #7: 22m40s/

Justlice League Dark #7: 27m17s/

I, Vampire #7: 30m20s/

Teen Titans #7: 33m14s/

Unwritten #35.5: 40m00s/

Avengers vs. X-Men #0: 43m50s/

Daredevil #10: 47m00s/

Uncanny X-Force #23: 49m31s/

All-Star Western #7: 53m20s/

DC Universe Legends #26: 57m04s/

Superman #7: 59m40s/

Legion: Secret Origin #6: 1h03m20s/

Uncharted #5: 1h05m21s/

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This, is the rallying cry of our review.

You are about to listen to the two and a half hour extravaganza that is the Nola Nerds' first ever in depth video game review! Join Matt "Supports the Indoctrination Theory" Finneman, Chris "Is Ambivalent Towards the Indoctrination Theory" Robinson, Kevin "Doesn't Really Agree with the Indoctrination Theory" Blackwell, and introducing Josh "Never Watched the Indoctrination Theory" Bowman as they break the game down.

How did our games differ? What branching paths did we all take? Who survived? What ending did we achieve? Did we like multiplayer? Which Mass Effect was the better shooter? The better RPG? The better overall game? From the big moments to the smallest nitpicks, it is all here! But most importantly, WHAT DID WE THINK ABOUT THE ENDING? Why does Chris hate Ashley so much? Tune in the find out! General time stamps below:

Write-In Opinions: 02m00s/

Graphics Breakdown: 13m30s/

Sound/Voice/Music Breakdown: 31m21s/

Gameplay/Comparison Breakdown: 38m15s/

Story/Plot Breakdown: 1h05m32s/

Pros: 1h42m01s/

Cons: 1h55m0s/

Ending Opinions: 2h04m40s/

Final Opinions + Ratings: 2h25m50s/

Multiplayer Mini-Breakdown: 2h30m06s/

Direct download: Mass_effect_3.m4a
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The Nola Nerds are at it again! Featuring the first ever "Nola Nerd Prediction" and a bevy of comic reviews, this is your one stop shop for a spoiler free in depth look at the week in comics. This week welcome Matthew "Not Going to Flash Anyone This Week" Finneman, Chris "Still Can't Tell the Difference Between Warhammer and Warcraft" Robinson, Scott "Huh. I Have a Smoker's Voice" Brehm, and Barbie "I Just Want to Read Your Comics for Free" Cure as they break it down issue by issue. Four Nerds, but only three books of the week! Which nerds actually agreed with one another? Find out! Time stamps below:

Email: 01m30s/

Corporate Sponsors: 06m00s/

Current Events: 10m18s/

Hoax Hunters #0: 14m20s/

Rocketeer Adventures Book 2 #1: 15m40s/

Super Crooks #1 Mini Review : 18m10s/

Tiny Titans #50 Mini Review: 20m30s/

Batman #7: 22m37s/

Batman Beyond Unlimited #2: 28m30s/

Green Lantern Corps #7: 33m04s/

Justice League #7: 37m04s/

Wonder Woman #7: 43m09s/

Fables #115: 47m50s/

Kick-Ass 2 #7: 49m48s/

Catwoman #7: 52m00s/

Nightwing #7: 55m03s/

Dominique Laveau #1: 59m02s/

Generation Hope #17: 1h02m30s/

Red Hood and the Outlaws #7: 1h05m44s/

Supergirl #7: 1h10m16s/

Uncanny X-Men #9: 1h13m02s/

Birds of Prey #7: 1h17m15s/

Scarlet Spider #3: 1h19m57s/

Blue Beetle #7: 1h22m35s/

Ghostbusters #7: 1h25m25s/

Invincible Iron Man #514: 1h28m00s/

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This was an amazing week for the Nola Nerds! Almost every book that came out this week was either solid or incredible, with improvements across the board. A great time to be a comics fan! Not much happened this week aside from a landslide of quality books to cover, so come join Matthew "Drank from the damn bottle apparently" Finneman, Chris "Gremlin Toes" Robinson, Scott "Surly" Brehm, and Barbie "Ate a salad as well as painted her damn toes" Cure as they launch into a great week in comics. Time stamps below:

Email: 03m06s/

Fake Corporate Sponsors: 07m08s/

Current Events (Amy Reeder): 11m55s/

Avengers Assemble #1: 13m45s/

Saucer Country #1: 17m50s/

Batgirl #7: 21m00s/

Batwoman #7: 27m34s/

Deathstroke #7: 32m52s/

Demon Knights #7: 37m54s/

Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE #7: 42m32s/

Green Lantern #7: 45m28s/

Shade #6: 50m00s/

Unwritten #35: 54m47s/

Punisher #9: 58m33s/

Wolverine and the X-Men #7: 1h02m14s/

Saga #1: 1h08m49s/

Suicide Squad #7: 1h15m50s/

Superboy #7: 1h23m08s/

Batman and Robin #7: 1h26m40s/

Adventure Time #2: 1h30m13s/

Resurrection Man #7: 1h34m00s/

Buffy Season 9 #7: 1h37m20s/

Mega Man #11: 1h40m18s/

Direct download: Episode_20.m4a
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This week on the Nola Nerd Podcast, the gang breaks down the new weeks' books, as well as breaking down the new animated programming blocks for both DC and Marvel! See which comics this week get recommended for new readers, and which ones are best left for a trade! Join Matt "I Heart the Runaways" Finneman, Chris "Goddamn do I love OMAC" Robinson, and Scott "Detective Comics sucked and stuff happened" Brehm on the latest edition of the world renowned NolaNerdPodcast! Which comic did all three Nola Nerds agree was one of the best issues of the entire year? Listen in and find out! Time stamps below:

Email: 2m40s/

Corporate Sponsors: 6m40s/

DC Nation/Marvel Universe: 10m20s/

Nightforce #1: 17m02s/

Defenders #5: 19m04s/

Action Comics #7: 23m37s/

Animal Man #7: 29m26s/

Justice League International #7: 34m43s/

Stormwatch #7: 38m54s/

Swamp Thing #7: 42m40s/

Fairest #1: 48m10s/

Age of Apocalypse #1: 52m54s/

Avengers Academy #27: 56m34s/

Ultimate Spider-Man #8: 58m55s/

DC Universe Legends #25: 1h02m12s/

Red Lanterns #7: 1h04m40s/

OMAC #7: 1h08m02s/

Detective Comics #7: 1h13m12s/

Static Shock #7: 1h16m00s/

Batwing #7: 1h19m17s/

Uncanny X-Men #8: 1h22m14s/

Green Arrow #7: 1h24m40s/

Avengers: Children's Crusade #9: 1h26m18s

Direct download: Episode_19.m4a
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Special Leap Year Edition! Introducing NolaNerdPodcast's FIRST MOVIE REVIEW OF ALL TIME EVER! We review and discuss Justice League: Doom, the newest of the DC Animated movies. We also try and tackle the thorny subject of the depiction of women in comics as well as answer a slew of fan emails. Several guest stars join us this week. Join Matthew "Failure to Moderate" Finneman, Chris "Meanwhile" Robinson, Scott "I've Been Drinking Since 6" Brehm, Barbie "I Thought the Drunk Show Was Next Week" Cure, and introducing Kevin "Why are There 65 Cheetahs?" Blackwell and Chelsea "Left Us Halfway" St. Juniors. Time stamps below:

Emails: 01m22s/

Fake Corporate Sponsors: 23m28s/

Current Events: Women In Comics: 26m00s/

Justice Leage: Doom Movie Review: 39m00s/

Moon Knight #10: 55m00s/

Tiny Titans #49: 56m43s/

Batman Beyond Unlimited #1: 59m00s/

Justice League #6: 1h05m00s/

Shade #5: 1h09m55s/

Unwritten #34.5: 1h12m28s/

DC Universe Legends #24: 1h15m10s/

Legion: Secret Origin #5: 1h17m46s/

Angel & Faith #6: 1h19m35s/

Uncharted #4: 1h22m00s/

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Join the Nola Nerds' supersized all-star spectacular video game extravaganza! Detailing all of the information you, the beloved fan, crave about gaming. Join the veritable BEVY of guest commentators to help us bring the love to you. Matt "Does he ever shut up" Finneman, Chris "Apparantly Does Not Have Strong Opinions" Robinson, Scott "Hey I'm Going to Bring Up NCAA Football" Brehm, Garrett "Yup, Still Hates Capcom" Platner, Ethan "Why Did We Invite Him" Lae, Barbara "Wait, She Was Here?" Maikall, Ronald "Still Angry, Still Black" Bienemy, and introducing a Nola Nerd Podcast first time power couple guest star, Stephen "I Give Up Vagina for Final Fantasy XI" Maher, and Rebecca "Yup, He Gave Up My Vagina for Final Fantasy XI" Hollingsworth. /

Here is a quick hodgepodge of games and topics we touch upon on this, the most glorious video game themed podcast in ALL OF THE INTERNETS!/

Fan E-Mails!

Playstation Vita Launch! Including more Uncharted Love!/

Mass Effect 3 Day One DLC Online Shit Storm!/

Pokemon Black and White 2 Announced!/

New Call of Duty! Also, Oxygen Still Needed for Life!/

Stupid New Shit in Stupid Kinect Star Wars Game!/


Resident Evil Shenanigry!/

Games: FFXIII-2, Kingdoms of Amalur, Star Wars: old Republic, Minecraft, Mass Effect, Tales of Abyss 3D, Twisted Metal, FFXI Online, Temple Run, Asura's Wrath, and more!

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Direct download: Video_Game_Episode_3.m4a
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Join us for the only episode of NolaNerdPodcast that we had to pause in the middle of recording in order for Matt to stop crying tears of laughter! Join the NolaNerds Matt "The Broken," Chris "The One Stop Shop," Scott "The Superman IV: The Quest for Peace," and Barbie, "The Paints Her Goddamn Toes While We Record," as we talk comics, current events, and fan emails. Come for the snark, stay for the insightful comics discussions! How many corporate sponsors do we have this week? SO MANY! Time stamps are below:

E-Mails: 01m21s/

Current Events: 11m50s/

Corporate Sponsors. ALL OF THEM!: 15m31s/

American Vampire #24: 20,40s/

Witchblade/Red Sonya #1: 23m30s/

Aquaman #6: 25m16s/

Flash #6: 29m24s/

Fury of Firestorm #6: 35m32s/

Justice League Dark #6: 41m24s/

Teen Titans #6: 46m16s/

Avengers Academy #26: 51m00s/

Uncanny X-Force #22: 56m25s/

Wolverine and the X-Men #6: 1h01m50s/

All-Star Western #6: 1h06m21s/

Green Lantern: New Guardians #6: 1h10m45s/

Superman #6: 1h16m15s/

Ultimate Spider-Man #7: 1h21m09s/

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Direct download: Episode_17.m4a
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Happy week of Valentine's Day comics lovers! See? It's appropriate because we love comics.'s Valentine's Day. Yup. It's a thing. Ironically enough, we don't have our female contributor this week, as Barbie was unavailable. So you get stuck with Matt "the Talent", Chris "The Surly", and Scott "The Looks." Current events, triple e-mail questions, and a solid list of comics are what we are all about this week. Time breakdowns:

E-Mails: 2m35s/

Current Events: 8m31s/

"Corporate Sponsers:" 23m56s/

X-Facter #232: 27m14s/

Winter Soldier #2: 29m16s/

Batmanm #6: 33m30s/

Catwoman #6: 38m02s/

Green Lantern Corps #6: 41m20s/

Wonder Woman #6: 46m00s/

Fables #114: 50m14s/

DareDevil #9: 53m20s/

Uncanny X-Men #7: 56m43s/

Birds of Prey #6: 59m08s/

Batman: No Man's Land Vol 1: 1h02m30s/

Blue Beetle #6: 1h06m00s/

Avenging Spider-Man #4: 1h09m45s/

Catwoman Vol. 1: Trail of the Catwoman: 1h13m35s/

Nightwing #6: 1h15m26s/

DC Universe #23: 1h19m07s/

Red Hood and the Outlaws #6: 1h22m40s/

Generation Hope #16: 1h26m15s/

Supergirl #6: 1h27m45s/

Ghoostbusters #6: 1h31m40s/

Invincible Iron Man #513: 1h33m26s/

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In honor of Valentine's Day, we did the most romantic thing we could think of. Get trashed and commentate on the first episode of the second season of Digimon of course!!! Watch how succinctly Chris sums up the first season! See how viciously Matt rips apart Davis and his stupid fucking goggles! Cry with us as we lament about Mimi's afro!!!

E-mail us at Follow us on Twitter @nolanerdpodcast. Seriously, if you cannot figure out the Facebook page at this point I weep for the future of America. NolaNerdPodcast!!!!!!

Direct download: Digimon_Episode_1.m4a
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So...Who's ready for a super special vanity project? Join Matt and Chris as they talk over the first (and only one released in America) Digimon movie. If, and God knows why you would have this, you own Digimon: The Movie (I'm sorry) then by all means sync it up like a half assed RiffTrax and let the magic flow out of your speakers and into your earholes. 

E-mail us at, Twitter @nolanerdpodcast, Join us on Facebook at (seriously do I even have to type this again?) NolaNerdPodcast. We love brand recognition!!!

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Tune in for our Most Professional Show EVER! New drinking game! Take a shot everytime a cellphone rings, a door opens, or someone gets up and makes a ton of noise. You'll be dead before we even get to the comics. But I digress. Join the Nola Nerds and their esteemed guest stars Scott "The Looks" Brehm and Barbie "The Brilliant" Cure as they discuss everything from new comic book movie trailers, to local nerdy Burlesque shows, to this weeks amazing books. New format! We keep the spoilers to a minimum, and the awesomeness at a maximum! Time stamps below:/

Emails: 2m03s/

Burlesque Recap: 18m22s/

Comic Book Movie Trailer Discussion: 23m15s/

Current Event Recap: 27m47s/

Thief of Thieves #1: 29m50s/

Journey into Mystery #634: 31m18s/

Batgirl #6: 35m00s/

Batwoman #6: 39m41s/

Deathstroke #6: 43m20s/

Demon Knights #6: 45m45s/

Frankenstein Agent of SHADE #6: 49m10s/

Green Lantern #6: 53m12s/

Unwritten #34: 57m40s/

Wolverine and the X-Men #5: 1h00m53s/

Batman and Robin #6: 1h05m18s/

Penguin: Pain and Prejudice #5: 1h09m20s/

X-Men #24: 1h12m00s/

Adventure Time #1: 1h14m20s/

Resurrection Man #6: 1h18m00s/

Superboy #6: 1h21m14s/

Scarlet Spider #2: 1h25m37s/

Justice League Beyond #0: 1h30m20s/

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 #6: 1h32m10s/

Mega Man #10: 1h34m33s/

Suicide Squad #6: 1h38m40s/

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Direct download: Episode_15.m4a
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Join the Nola Nerds on another thrilling and wonderful journey into a week of awesome comics! Matt and Chris are joined once more by their esteemed guest and friend of the show Scott "The Looks" Brehm, and also by newcomer (but frequent email sender) Barbie "The Brilliant."  We break down this weeks books as well as wax nostalgic on some from yester-week. We also give our two cents about current events going down in the comics world, such as the internet-freakout-inducing Before Watchmen, and the renaming of Captain Marvel. Time break downs as follows:

6m45s - Before Watchmen Discussion/

14m10s - DC Writer Shake-Up/

15m20s - Action Comics #6/

19m14s - Animal Man #6/

22m05s - Justice League International #6/

24m55s - Stormwatch #6/

29m44s - Swamp Thing #6/

36m12s - Avengers Academy #25/

39m34s - Punisher #8/

42m30s - Uncanny X-Force #21/

46m06s - Uncanny X-Men #6/

52m02s - Batwing #6/

55m48s - Green Arrow #6/

59m44s - Wonder Woman #5 Retro by Barbie/

1h04m55s - Red Lanterns #6/

1h09m15s - Detective Comics #6/

1h13m10s - Suicide Squad #1 Retro by Barbie/

1h18m47s - OMAC #6/

1h22m02s - Detective Comics #1 Retro by Scott/

1h23m40s - Static Shock #6 + Discussion of Cancellation/

1h29m10s - Renaming of Captain Marvel/

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Direct download: episode_14.m4a
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In their second attempt to bring you hard hitting wrestling commentary, Chris, Garrett, Ron, and Scott banter about the 2012 Royal Rumble. The matches, the entrances, the surprises and the disappointments!! We break down everything. And Garrett goes off on John Cena for some kinda vague reason. And we all ask who on earth is Jindar Mahal?

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Direct download: wrestling_royal_rumble.m4a
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Join Matt and Chris as they delve into the new week of comics, officially ending the first month of the new year. Marvel as they read what may be the single greatest fan email ever. Listen in as the two argue whether or not Batman's actions in Justice League made sense. What was the Moment of the Week? What was the Book of the Week? Who were our non-existent corporate sponsers? Tune in to find out! Comic book time breakdown below:

Aquaman #5 - 4m23s

Flash #5 - 8m02s

Fury of Firestorm #5 - 13m35s

Justlice League #5 - 18m28s

Justice League Dark #5 - 24m15s

Teen Titans #5 - 28m30s

Unwritten #33.5 - 33m44s

All-Star Western #5 - 39m25s

DC Universe Online Legends #22 - 43m10s

Green Lantern: The New Guardians #5 - 45m30s

Angel & Faith #6 - 51m20s

Legion: Secret Origin #4 - 54m27s

Uncharted #3 - 58m00s

"Corporate" "Sponserships" aka Shameless Plugging - 1h00m00s

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Direct download: Episode_13.m4a
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Join the Nola Nerds Matt and Chris as they welcome in the upcoming year of gaming with a bevy of guest stars! Join Matt "the Talent," Chris "the Surly One," show regular Scott "the Looks," Ronald "the Angry Black Gamer," Barbara "the Girl," and Ethan "the Default Group Bitch" as we discuss all of the games for 2012 both big and small. Plus, we discuss what we think will be some of the shittier games to hit this year! Join the fun!

BONUS! Try and guess what incredibly awkward moment graces our show this time!

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Direct download: Video_Game_Episode_2.m4a
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Join Matt and Chris this week as we welcome special correspondent Scott to help us tackle this week's comics! The trio of awesome-ness knock out everything from DC to Marvel to Vertigo to Indie comics and back again. Also, Chris is a big ol' bitch for not being attentive enough to my attempts at banter. Listen in awe as he abruptly runs out of steam around the 45 min mark!

We are so goddamn professional!

Minute Breakdown

4m00s - Fan E-Mail Messages

12m50s - Batman #5

17m09s - Catwoman #5

19m34s - Green Lantern Corps #5

22m34s - Wonder Woman #5

25m30s - Fables #113

28m00s - Daredevil #8

29m58s - Uncanny X-Force #20

32m47s - Uncanny X-Men #5

35m49s - Birds of Prey #5

37m58s - Blue Beetle #5

41m20s - Nightwing #5

44m37s - Ghostbusters #4

46m34s - Red Hood and the Outlaws #5

49m30s - Supergirl #5

52m53s - Invincible Iron Man #512

55m05s - Avenging Spider-Man #3

57m47s - Generation Hope #15

59m26s - Mass Effect: Invasion #4

1h02m50s - Ultimate Comics All New Spider-Man #6

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Direct download: Episode_12.m4a
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In a very special episode of NolaNerds, Chris is joined by special guests Ronald and Scott as they break down the top 50 greatest wrestlers of all time. All the greats Hogan, Flair, Austin..Ziggler????..Dreamer?!?....Taz?!! Somebody grew up in an ECW household! Take a listen as we experiment with this.

As always, questions or arguments may be sent to Follow us on twitter @nolanerdpodcast

Direct download: Wrestling_special_edition.m4a
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Join Matt and Chris in this week's breakdown of the comics for 01/15/2012. We find yet another secret society in the new DCU, nominate dual Ho-Bags of the Week, and answer the longest string of fan mail questions ever. 

New format! Jump straight to the comic you want to hear us snark about by following this state of the art timeline chart thingy!

Intro and Brief Discussion of Cancelled/New DCU Titles - 00m00s

Fan Email - 06m30s

Batgirl #5 - 22m06s

Batwoman #5 - 24m50s

Deathstroke #5 - 28m00s

Demon Knights #5 - 30m25s

Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE #5 - 32m45s

Green Lantern #5 - 34m00s

Shade #4 - 36m00s

Unwritten #33 - 38m15s

Wolverine and the X-Men #4 - 40m20s

Batman and Robin #5 - 45m00s

DC Universe Legends #21 - 47m45s

Resurrection Man #5 - 49m25s

Buffy #5 - 51m05s

Suicide Squad #5 - 52m36s

Superboy #5 - 55m35s

Mega Man #9 - 58m00s

Grifter #5 - 59m45s

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Direct download: Episode_11.m4a
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Join Matt and Chris for their end of the year blowout on comic books in 2011! We list the 5 nominees for every category, and then pick our personal winners. Who is the best? Who is the worst? (Besides Chris) Who is the most super fun time awesome? Check it out! FOR FREEEEEE

Break down:

Book of the Year: 10m57s

DC Book of the Year: 13m25

Marvel Book of the Year: 15m36s

Other Publisher of the Year: 18m13s

Writer of the Year: 20m30s

Artist of the Year: 24m25s

Team Book of the Year: 27m20s

Best DC Book Pre-Reboot: 29m45s

Best DC Book Post-Reboot: 32m30s

Best Major Event of the Year: 35m13s

Biggest Shift in Quality in a DC Book from Pre to Post Reboot: 39m00s

Best Hero of the Year: 41m10s

Best Villain of the Year: 42m45s

Best Secret Organization in the DCU: 45m00s

Best Concept of the Year: 47m30s

Best Story-Arc of the Year: 50m00s

Ho-Bag of the Year: 51m25s

Dumbest Character of the Year: 53m30s

Biggest Dick of the Year: 55m55s

Best Moment of the Year: 57m30s

Best Collection of the Year: 59m00s

Best Graphic Novel: 01h00m00s 

Best On-Going Book: 01h00m37s

Most Anticipated of 2012: 01h02m00s

Best Mini-Series of the Year: 01h03m20s

Best Ending of a Series: 01h04m57s

Most Fun Book of the Year: 01h07m13s

Top 5 Personal Picks for Matt and Chris: 01h08m00s

Don't forget to write us an email at and rate and review and subscribe to us (for free) on iTunes!

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This week Matt and Chris are joined by two special guest stars - Scott Brehm and the lovely Britain Valenti, thus proving that NolaNerdPodcast is all about the gender equality. We talk about the first week of comics of the new year, as well as answer an in depth fan mail. Also, we all take turns telling Chris why we love him. 

New Ho of the Week! New Moments of the Week! New Book of the Week! New EVERYTHING!

Email us your questions at and rate and review us on iTunes!

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In Episode 9, Matt and Chris debate and talk about the final week of comics in the year 2011. Chris has a seeeecret surprise book he tells us all about, and Matt tells us just how much he hates those goddamn Editor boxes in comics. Also, we double the usual amount of fan questions - TWO! Stay tuned for our end of the year blowout comic podcast. Send us an email at, and rate and review us on iTunes.

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Join us for the first ever NolaNerdPodcast end of the year MEGA PODCAST *trumpets blare* for all things videogames in the year 2011! This is a massive 3 hour smorgasbord of gaming talk with several NolaNerdPodcast first time guest stars! Everything from the Game of the Year to Gaming's Ho-Bag of the Year are represented!

Here is the break down for specific aspects:

First part - Genre breakdowns. Best FPS, Best Action Adventure, Best RPG, etc etc

1:02:00 mark - Misc categories like Best Voice Acting, Biggest Ho-Bag, and Lamest Character.

2:22:36 mark - The meat of the argument, each system's breakdown for best of the year, along with best HD Collection. PS3, 360, Wii, PC, handhelds, and downloadables are all represented!

Rate and review us on iTunes. E-mail us at

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This week, Matt and Chris talk about an absurd amount of books, and have such delightful chats about the likes of a multiversal ho of the week, our favorite Moment of the Week, and how Chris' rating of 'Pretty Good' is the damn stupidest thing ever. EVER. EVER! Rate and review us on iTunes. E-mail us at

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In this new episode (sliiightly behind schedule) Matt and Chris talk about the amazing number of new books that came out, name a new Ho of the Week, introduce the new "Moment of the Week" and basically have a grand ol' time. Rate us on iTunes and email us questions or comments at

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In Episode 6 of NolaNerdPodcast, Chris and Matt continue to be awesome and talk about comics and comic related things. Matt forces Chris to say a word ending in 'izzle,' and Chris hates Matt just a -little- bit more than usual. E-mail us at

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In our lightest week yet, Chris and Matt discuss this week's books, answer TWO emails from fans, and discuss the new hardcover trades they've picked up. It's always good times at Nolanerdpodcast. E-mail us at

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On this very special Thanksgiving episode, we give thanks to awesome books, while we bemoan the fact that other books are allowed to exist. Also, we get into an out-of-nowhere debate about Legacy heroes in the new Teen Titans book. Also, we are nerdy. And awesome. Rate us on iTunes, and send us an email with a question or comment at

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In this episode, we break our own record on number of time we have gone off on a tangent. We also talk about the vast amount of higher quality #3 issues of the reboot, and shamelessly plug BSI Comics as well as half heartedly plead for reviews on iTunes and for more emails. But seriously. Rate us on iTunes and send us emails!

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A remastered version of the first video game, Now with 50% more Jar Jar

Direct download: Video_game_Spectaculara.mp3
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We talk about the comics we bought the week of 11/9. Big props to Frankenstein, Demon Knights, and Uncanny X-Force. Also what the hell Fear Itself 7.2?!? E-mail us at

Direct download: Episode_2.mp3
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We recap the second week of the new 52 reboot. E-mail us at

Direct download: new_52_week_2.mp3
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The first week of the New 52 is broken down. Good news: Lots of good stuff in the first week. Bad news: Hawk and Dove and Green Arrow came out this week. E-mail us at

Direct download: new_52_week_1_louder.mp3
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We rate and rank all the books of the New 52. E-mail us at

Direct download: new_52_recap.mp3
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First Episode of the Nola Nerd Podcast. E-Mail us at

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