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MARCH MADNESS! IT'S MADNESS Y'ALL! Seriously though video game industry, you have to start accepting the fact that there are months that exist between March and October. March has become a second holiday time for gaming, where all of the AAA titles that didn't launch for November all crash into one another. Great for gaming, bad for a gamer that wants them all! This month the NOLAnerds tackle the month of crazy releases and even more news. Video game announcements! PC launch clusterfucks! More next gen rumor mills! PAX East and the indie revolution! And a surprise Best of the Month game you won't see coming! Unless you know us. So join the NOLAnerd crew, Matt "Believe It!" Finneman, Chris "Booker" Robinson, Ronald "Samurai Lord" Bienemy, Andy "Tomb Raiding" Niemann, and Mason "Pikachu 3DS XL" Maldonado as they discuss everything possible and then some.

March Gaming News: 01m25s/

March Video Game Releases: 41m43s/

Tomb Raider: 1h02m47s/

BioShock Infinite: 1h05m03s/

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3: 1h14m04s/

Ending: 1h23m11s/

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