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The holiday video game season is officially in full swing! Major titles released this month, filling our time with tons to play. This month also was devoid of major game conferences, meaning the news itself of the month wasn't terribly notable, but hey. When next gen is mere weeks away, can you blame people for focusing on that alone? This month we discuss the major hitters, Batman Arkham Origin and Pokemon X/Y as well as explain why we aren't discussing several of this month's highest profile releases. Between all of that, talks on Titanfall, game resolutions, and depressing game delays, we had plenty to discuss! So join NOLAnerds Matt "Phoenix Wright Pun Aficionado" Finneman, Chris "HD Remake Hater" Robinson, Ronald "The Dark Knight" Bienemy, and Zack "The Beta Whisperer" St. Onge as they talk games, man.

Gaming News October 2013: 01m14s/

Game Releases October 2013: 39m36s/

Batman: Arkham Origins: 55m39s/

Pokemon X/Y: 1h07m31s/

Ending: 1h22m17s/

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