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2015 is here! After a year that could only be described as "tumultuous," the fresh year has arrived, promising a truly epic 365 days of gaming. However, in true January fashion, not much actually happened this month. While sparse on news AND game releases, the NOLAnerds nonetheless do what they do best: arguing back and forth about things of no great importance! This show we chat about Nintendo's inane naming schemes, Microsoft's Xbox plans with Windows 10, the release of Saints Row 4's swan song, and more! So join NOLAnerds Matt "Grim Fandango" Finneman, Chris "Saints Row 5ever" Robinson, Ronald "Handheld Hater" Bienemy, Mason "Tank Controls" Maldonado, Zack "Handsome Jack" St Onge, Andy "Majora's Teet Sucker" Niemann, Dolly "Epileptic Gamer" Pop, and Scott "He Was There?" Brehm as they chat you up!

Gaming News: 07m37s/
New Gaming Releases: 36m40s/
Gat Outta Hell: 46m10s/
Ending Sequence/Games with Gold/Playstation Plus: 53m09s/
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