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TV is back baby! We are back! Happy days are here again! A full week of TV and a new premiere? It's an embarrassment of riches! This week we talk zombies, the awfulness of Barry and Iris' relationship and how everyone on Powers, except for the villains, kinda suck

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Despite the mascot of this episode being that terrible abomination of a Pokemon Pichu, this was a great week for comics! We got an unprecedented triple release of Image debuts, the final pre-Convergence issues of a handful of DC titles, Batman: Eternal's big bad was finally unveiled, Squirrel Girl continued to dominate our hearts, Future's End broke our hearts, and so much more went down! So join NOLAnerds Matt "Brother Eye" Finneman, Chris "Two Calls" Robinson, and Andy "Silk the Shocker" Niemann as they chitchat their way into your hearts!

Books of the Week
Matt: Red One #1
Chris: Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #3
Email: 01m20s/
Current Events: 04m14s/
Batgirl #40: 08m36s/
Batman: Eternal #50: 11m11s/
Batman/Superman #20: 14m48s/
Batwoman #40: 16m55s/
Earth 2: World's End #24: 18m53s/
Future's End #46: 22m33s/
Green Lantern: New Guardians #40: 24m34s/
Sensation Comics #8: 27m31s/
All-New X-Men #39: 29m47s/
Guardians Team Up #3: 32m59s/
Silk #2: 35m19s/
Star Wars: Princess Leia #2: 37m24s/
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #3: 40m18s/
Alex + Ada #13: 45m31s/
Chrononauts #1: 47m27s/
Invisible Republic #1: 51m22s/
Outcast #7: 54m31s/
Red One #1: 57m07s/
Secret Identities #2: 1h01m22s/
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The NolaNerds are here to chew bubblegum and review TV and we are all out of bubblegum. We discuss why Sif isn't on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the talkiness of Powers, and the merits of Sharlto Copley.

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This week, our Pokemon numbering scheme actually kinda relates to comics! It's Lanturn week. Get it? Lanturn? Like...Green Lantern? But with the Pokemon name? Nothing? Hello...? Is this thing on? No matter! This week the NOLAnerds discuss another brand new Image debut, revel in the end games of the DC weekly trinity, enjoy the most absurd Marvel Comics debut in ages, and begin our fond farewell to the New 52 as we know it. So join NOLAnerds Matt "Spider Bing" Finneman, Chris "Lady Thor" Robinson, and guest star Andy "Star War" Niemann as they chit chat into your earholes. 

Books of the Week
Matt: Howard the Duck #1
Chris: Howard the Duck #1
Email: 01m07s/
Current Events: 05m46s/
Batman: Eternal #49: 11m24s/
Constantine #23: 14m09s/
Earth 2: World's End #23: 16m50s/
Future's End #45: 19m23s/
Green Lantern Corps #40: 23m13s/
Suiciders #1: 26m49s/
All-New X-Men #37: 30m59s/
Howard the Duck #1: 34m51s/
Ms. Marvel #13: 38m51s/
Spider-Gwen #2: 41m58s/
Star Wars #3: 45m00s/
Thor #6: 47m48s/
Shutter #10: 50m36s/
Southern Cross #1: 53m30s/
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Hey! It's he tv show! We are here but where are the shows? This week we talk about the only things that happened in our shortest episode ever. We talk about powers in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, the imminent departure of Fish Mooney and .... I guess that's it. i mean really there were only two shows this week. So enjoy!

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t's a lighter comics week finally, allowing the NOLAnerds' wallets to relax a bit. This week we bid a fond farewell to the final Charles Soule DC offering, welcome Princess Leia to the Marvel universe, and enjoy a double helping of Jeff Lemire premieres. Or Jeff "Premieres" if you will. Man I am hilarious. So join NOLAnerds Matt "Rogue Jordan" Finneman, Chris "Secret Grayson Organization" Robinson and guest starring Andy "Star Wars" Niemann as they welcome the week that was.

Books of the Week
Matt: Future's End #44
Chris: Saga #26
Email: 01m00s/
Current Events: 10m38s/
Batman: Eternal #48: 14m54s/
Earth 2 #32: 19m14s/ 
Earth 2: World's End #22: 22m28s/
Future's End #44: 26m10s/
Grayson #8: 29m59s/
Green Lantern #40: 32m43s/
Lobo #6: 36m47s/
Swamp Thing #40: 40m24s/
All-New Hawkeye #1: 43m11s/
Rocket Raccoon #9: 48m41s/
Star Wars: Princess Leia #1: 51m15s/
Black Science #12: 54m55s/
Descender #1: 57m42s/
Saga #26: 59m57s/
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Well the comics show got a 2.0 revamp name, why not the gaming? This is officially episode 40, but that's all in the past! This month the NOLAnerdcast crew gathered together once more to pay tribute to the month that came before us. This month we discuss things like the Rock Paper Shotgun interview with Peter "Hype Man" Molyneux, the polarizing release of Majora's Mask 3D, the even more polarizing release of The Order: 1886, Batman going mature, the mere possibility of a Legend of Zelda Netflix show, and so much more! So join NOLAnerds Matt "Sir Galahad" Finneman, Chris "Dying Dead Island Light" Robinson, Andy "Banjo Lover" Niemann, Mason "Resident Evil World Champ" Maldonado, Doug "Late to the Mordor" Rosenthal, and Dolly "Deku" Pop as they break it all down for you!

Gaming News: 01m45s/
New Game Releases: 36m07s/
The Order: 1886: 53m03s/
Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D: 1h02m14s/
Ending Discussion/Games with Gold: 1h11m45s
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In a truly shocking turn, nobody is on assignment this week!! Which would be great if all the shows didn't decide to enter their spring break. This week we talk about Fiash Mooney, the end of Agent Carter, and the mysteries of Nanda Parbat.


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This episode brought to you later than usual courtesy of the south having absolutely no idea what to do when roads ice over! Our comics arrived a day late to BSI, so we are making due with what we can! This was another big week, bringing us the long awaited debut of Spider-Gwen, Rob Guillory making a splash at Marvel, Guy Gardner fighting a baby, a belated Valentine's Day with Ms. Marvel, and much much more! So join NOLAnerds Matt "Rapid Fire" Finneman and Chris "Speed Demon" Robinson with guest host Andy "Hop to It" Niemann as the NOLAnerds try and race through the show!

Books of the Week
Matt: Daredevil #13
Chris: Star Wars: Darth Vader
Email: 01m00s/
Current Events: 04m50s/
Aquaman #39: 10m44s/
Batman 66 #20: 14m04s/ 
Batman: Eternal #47: 15m22s/
Batman #39: 18m07s/
Earth 2: World's End #21: 26m48s/ 
Future's End #43: 24m45s/
Flash #39: 26m33s/
Gotham Academy #5: 29m59s/
Gotham By Midnight #4: 33m09s/
Justice League Dark #39: 35m43s/
Red Lanterns #39: 38m35s/
Sinestro #10: 41m16s/
All-New X-Men #38: 43m30s/
Daredevil #13: 46m01s/
Ms. Marvel #12: 48m45s/
Spider-Gwen #1: 50m37s/
Star Wars: Darth Vader #2: 53m44s/
Thor Annual #1: 57m16s/
ODY-C #3: 1h00m17s/
The Wicked + The Divine #8: 1h02m34s/
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Matt is back but Andy went on assignment. Maybe I should go on assignment to. No respect no respect at all. Anyway we talked about Gotham's issues, the awesomeness of The Flash and why Peggy Carter is better than Agents of Shield (part 1 million).

Arkham Origins (Gotham)
Agents Assemble (Agent Carter)
Rogues Gallery (Flash)
Under the Hood (Arrow)
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