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The penultimate week of DC's Convergence is upon us! Has the event found an uptick in quality? Or has the premise worn thin for our intrepid heroes? What about Marvel's new wave of Secret War tie-ins? Or the continuing greatness of Image? Find out as NOLAnerds Matt "Up to 11" Finneman and Chris "Kamandi King" Robinson talk to you about comics!

Books of the Week
Matt: Secret Identities #4
Chris: Fade Out #6
Top 5 Moments
*Turning it Up to 11 (Uncanny X-Men #34)
*Trees Landing (Trees #9)
*Kamandi Appears (Convergence: Adventures of Superman #2)
*Vampire Joker (Convergence: Wonder Woman #2)
*Hal Jordan Parallax vs Deimos (Convergence #7)
Email: 01m24s/
Current Events: 04m41s/
Convergence #7: 08m17s/
Convergence: Adventures of Superman #2: 11m51s/
Convergence: Batman and the Outsiders #2: 13m33s/
Convergence: Flash #2: 15m05s/
Convergence: Green Lantern Corps #2: 16m53s/
Convergence: Hawkman #2: 18m37s/
Convergence: Justice League of America #2: 20m11s/
Convergence: New Teen Titans #2: 22m39s/
Convergence: Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes #2: 25m11s/
Convergence: Swamp Thing #2: 27m29s/
Convergence: Wonder Woman #2: 29m01s/
Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman #10: 31m25s/
A-Force #1: 33m57s/
Daredevil #15.1: 36m59s/
Star Wars #5: 39m06s/
Uncanny X-Men #34: 41m31s/
Fade Out #6: 44m31s/
Mega Man #49: 48m34s/
Injection #1: 50m01s/
Secret Identities #4: 52m10s/
Shutter #12: 55m04s/
Tithe #2: 56m55s/
Trees #9: 1h00m20s/
Wytches #6: 1h02m03s/
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So this is a late update isn't it? We don't even have fancy reasons for it. So instead let us jump right into it! Between the latest issue of Secret Wars and the newest wave of Convergence, both of the Big 2 are knee deep into their summer events! Alongside those we also have major reveals like who is Femme Thor, is Howard the Duck still good, and how awesome is Saga still? All this and more! So join NOLAnerds Matt "Blah" Finneman and Chris "Insert Witty Name" Robinson as they chit chat!

Books of the Week
Matt: Howard the Duck #3
Chris: Secret Wars #2
Top 5 Moments
*High As Fuck (Saga #28)
*The Deadlands (Secret Wars #2)
*Gathering of Heroes (Convergence #6)
*Aquaman's Blood Shower (Convergence: Aquaman #2)
*Blue Beetle's Birthday Surprise (Convergence: Justice League International #2)
Email: 01m19s/
Current Events: 02m49s/
Convergence #6: 07m57s/
Convergence: Aquaman #2: 11m45s/
Convergence: Batman: Shadow of the Bat #2: 13m37s/
Convergence: Catwoman #2: 15m46s/
Convergence: Green Arrow #2: 17m30s/
Convergence: Green Lantern: Parallax #2: 19m26s/
Convergence: Justice League: International #2: 21m34s/
Convergence: Suicide Squad #2: 24m11s/
Convergence: Superboy #2: 25m45s/
Convergence: Supergirl Matrix #2: 28m15s/
Convergence: Superman: Man of STEEL #2: 30m22s/
Howard the Duck #3: 31m51s/
Ms. Marvel #15: 34m40s/
Secret Wars #2: 36m11s/
Star Wars: Darth Vader #5: 40m24s/
Thor #8: 42m00s/
Birthright #7: 44m11s/
Black Science #14: 46m11s/
Chrononauts #3: 48m18s/
Saga #28: 51m11s/
Southern Cross #3: 53m12s/
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This week on the TV watch, finale season hits us hard with both Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Arrow wrapping up. iZombie books its way towards its ending and Flash gives us a look at a greater future.

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After a sickness which completely wrecked Chris, we are back once again to talk about the tv of the week. We talk about the season finale of Gotham, the super-secret Age of Ultron tie in on Agents of SHIELD, and the Kingpin


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Do androids dream of electric sheep? Was that a set up only to make a Mareep joke since we seem incapable of dropping our dumb Pokemon naming scheme? Yes. Yes it was, and yes we are. Welcome to the start of not only the start of the final round of DC Convergence books, but ALSO the start of Marvel's Secret Wars, another major comics event that deals with different realities fighting each other. Man. DC and Marvel need to branch out! Join NOLAnerds Matt "Wedding Bells" Finneman and Chris "Squirrel Earl" Robinson as they chit chat about comics!

Books of the Week
Matt: Convergence: Nightwing and Oracle #2
Chris: Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #5
Top 5 Moments
*Captain America Decides Democracy is OK Again (Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #5)
*Question and Batwoman's Kiss (Convergence: Question #2)
*Nightwing and Oracle's Happy Ending (Convergence: Nightwing and Oracle #2)
*Deathstroke's Baby Hands (Convergence: Atom #2)
*Punisher vs. Villains (Secret Wars #1)
Email: 01m51s/
Convergence #5: 06m01s/
Convergence: Atom #2: 10m37s/
Convergence: Batgirl #2: 14m53s/
Convergence: Batman and Robin #2: 17m21s/
Convergence: Harley Quinn #2: 19m04s/
Convergence: Justice League #2: 21m20s/
Convergence: Nightwing and Oracle #2: 23m19s/
Convergence: Question #2: 25m23s/
Convergence: Speed Force #2: 27m57s/
Convergence: Superman #2: 30m10s/
Convergence: Titans #2: 32m33s/
Rocket Raccoon #11: 34m23s/
Secret Wars #1: 36m10s/
Spider-Gwen #4: 42m01s/
Star Wars: Kanan the Last Padawan #2: 44m40s/
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #5: 47m10s/
Afterlife with Archie #8: 50m45s/
Descender #3: 53m00s/
No Mercy #2: 54m55s/
Uncanny Season 2 #2: 56m57s/
Wicked and the Divine #10: 58m30s/
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For our 4th consecutive year, the NolaNerds made their prescence known at BSI Comcss during the annual free Comic Book Day event. We sat around and chatted with local artists and writers, looked at the most recent offerings from the Big 2 and other companies and Chris interviewed a "new Matt" to replace the old one. We also talk about Avengers: Age of Ultron so spoilers I guess? Judging from the box office you've already seen it so it just doesn't even matter. Listen and enjoy!

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We have reached the halfway point for Convergence! Join us for Episode Xatu as we delve not only into the final round of Convergence tie in debuts, but also another bevy of quality Image titles. And that's not all! We also tackle the epic finales to the DC arcs of Batman, Multiversity, AND Justice League! It is an action packed episode you don't want to miss. So join NOLAnerds Matt "Metron" Finneman and Chris "Chappie" Robinson as they gently ease you into their world.

Books of the Week
Matt: Justice League #40
Chris: Convergence: Justice Society of America #1
Top 5 Moments
*Batman vs Joker Fight (Batman #40)
*Booster Gold Meets Himself (Convergence: Booster Gold #1)
*Talking Tawny's Return (Convergence: Shazam! #1)
*Red One vs The Carpenter (Red One #2)
*Bitch Planet's Peeping Tom (Bitch Planet #4)
Email: 01m34s/
Current Events: 03m25s/
Batman #40: 05m37s/ 
Convergence #4: 08m14s/
Convergence: Action Comics #1: 10m11s/
Convergence: Blue Beetle #1: 12m41s/
Convergence: Booster Gold #1: 14m52s/
Convergence: Detective Comics #1: 17m51s/
Convergence: Infinity Inc #1: 20m20s/
Convergence: Justice Society of America #1: 23m20s/
Convergence: Plastic Man and the Freedom Fighters #1: 26m20s/
Convergence: Shazam! #1: 28m22s/
Convergence: World's Finest #1: 31m03s/
Justice League #40: 33m17s/
Multiversity #2: 36m38s/
Daredevil #15: 39m54s/
Star Wars: Princess Leia #3: 42m51s/
Alex + Ada #14: 44m22s/
Bitch Planet #4: 46m15s/
Invisible Republic #2: 49m39s/
Red One #2: 52m21s/
Outcast #8: 55m28s/
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So NolaNerdCast HQ is kind of a revolving door sometimes. Normally this is not a problem but this week someone started a conversation as soon as they walked in the door. As a result, I had to be up extra early so I could edit it out to provide a seamless audio version for our listeners. There's no real point to this, I just wanted to tell someone and I can tell that you are a good listener. The show itself? I mean we talk about Olicity (Several times), Law and Order: Marvel Style, and the wardrobe upgrade that joining the League of Assassins brings.


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Week 3 of Convergence has begun, and DC is taking us back to the 80s for a Pre-Crisis Gotham City showdown! Revel in nostalgia as we discuss everything from Justice League Detroit, headband Supergirl, the Legion, atomic knights riding atop giant Dalmatians, and, according to Chris, the only good time period for Hawkman ever. Beyond that the NOLAnerds also discuss the new staus quo for Ice Man, tackle another Image debut, revel in the return of Velvet and Lazarus, and so much more! So join NOLAnerds Matt "Ice Man Cometh Out" Finneman, Chris "Loves Cyborg's Hot Pants" Robinson, and guest star Andy "Pandering" Nemo as they talk shop!

Books of the Week
Matt: Deadly Class #12
Chris: Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #4
Email: 01m01s/
Current Events: 05m37s/
Batman 66 #22: 12m17s/
Convergence #3: 14m17s/
Convergence: Adventures of Superman #1: 20m57s/
Convergence: Batman and the Outsiders #1: 24m02s/
Convergence: Flash #1: 26m40s/
Convergence: Green Lantern Corps #1: 28m41s/
Convergence: Hawkman #1: 30m59s/
Convergence: Justice League of America #1: 33m46s/
Convergence: New Teen Titans #1: 36m40s/
Convergence: Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes #1: 38m41s/
Convergence: Swamp Thing #1: 41m40s/
Convergence: Wonder Woman #1: 44m18s/
All-New X-Men #40: 46m05s/
Black Vortex Omega #1: 52m22s/
Star Wars #4: 56m10s/
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #4: 58m47s/
Deadly Class #12: 1h02m13s/
Kaptara #1: 1h04m15s/
Lazarus #16: 1h07m25s/
Velvet #10: 1h09m47s/
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Today is a momentous occasion for our little TV show podcast. For the first time, every single show we cover had a new episode that aired last week. An exciting and exhausting prospect to be sure. This week we talk the neutering of the "Calvary", that corridor fight from Daredevil, and the two part Atom crossover.


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