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It is a rare 5th week this time around on the NOLAnerdcast, but it certainly doesn't feel that way! Sure, DC is offering us the normal salvo of annuals, but with Secret Wars still going strong and with the return of both Lazarus AND Sex Criminals, Marvel and Image are bringing in the quality! So join NOLAnerds Matt "Ikari" Finneman and Chris "Sunkern" Robinson as they chit chat about comic book soup for the alcoholic soul!

Books of the Week
Matt: Daredevil #17
Chris: Batgirl Annual #3
Email: 00m58s/
Current Events: 02m15s/
Batgirl #42: 07m10s/
Batgirl Annual #3: 09m54s/
Flash Annual #4: 13m06s/
Gotham by Midnight Annual #1: 15m12s/
Superman #42: 17m56s/
Daredevil #17: 21m53s/
Secret Wars: MODOK Assassin #3: 25m09s/
Secret Wrs: Thors #2: 27m54s/
Star Wars #7: 30m47s/
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #4: 32m31s/
Invisible Republic #5: 35m44s/
Lazarus #18: 38m17s/
Sex Criminals #11: 41m27s/
Sonic Boom #10: 46m04s/
Tithe #4: 49m23s/
Wolf #1: 53m07s/
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The duo is back together! The team has returned! The band has reunited! For all of you sad to see the witty back and forth between us, rejoice! For all of you sad to see me return, my bad! The NOLAnerds are here to chat about more Secret War, the second month of the DC You, new debuts featuring Chris' favorite character...and of course, THE FINALE OF FABLES. You guys. It's over. For reals. The wait. Was it worth it? Join NOLAnerds Matt "Goldballs" Finneman and Chris "Vic Stone's Greatest Fan" Robinson to find out! Or, you know, read on.

Books of the Week
Matt: Fables #150
Chris: Fables #150
Email: 02m17s/
Current Events: 04m19s/
Aquaman #42: 08m41s/
Batman 66 #25: 11m29s/
Cyborg #1: 13m01s/
Flash #42: 16m21s/
Gotham by Midnight #7: 17m59s/
Grayson #10: 20m06s/
Prez #2: 23m10s/
Sensation Comics w Wonder Woman #12: 26m41s/
Sinestro #13: 28m33s/
We Are Robin #2: 30m27s/
Fables #150: 33m31s/
All-New Hawkeye #4: 40m25s/
Secret Wars: Marvel Zombies #2: 42m13s/
Secret Wars: Old Man Logan #3: 44m11s/
Secret Wars: Star-Lord & Kitty Pryde #1: 47m37s/
Star Wars: Kanan the Last Padawan #4: 50m15s/
Uncanny X-Men #35: 52m52s/
Birthright #9: 55m47s/
Sonic Universe #78: 57m46s/
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Matt's on vacation again so once again Chris is here doing the show all by his lonesome. Thankfully, there are some good books to ease his pain. This week Gail Simone hits her stride with Secret Six, Battleworld: Siege redeems the name, and Trees continues to baffle. 








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Despite being down a co-host, Chris valiantly struggled on to deliver a whopper show all by himself. He did this in spite of his head cold, achy back, dry mouth, coughing, sneezing, sniffling, and all around general miserableness because at the end of the day Chris loves all of you like his children....Wait Chris hates children. Chis loves you all like his dog.

Book of the week: Archie or Civil War. I can't decide or did I already on the show Listen to find out.




Eh......thats not happening this week. You'll see. You'll all see....


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The first month of the DC You is over. Secret Wars is still raging on. Mega Man and Sonic are still uniting worlds. But all of that pales in comparison to the fact that it is Canada Day! And what better day to debut Brian K Vaughn's latest comic about a future war between Canada and the USA? Crazy right? I love timing like that. So join NOLAnerds Matt "Fuck Sticks the Badger" Finneman and Chris "The Tithes Guild" Robinson as they chat it up!

Books of the Week
Matt: We Stand on Guard #1
Chris: Action Comics #42
Top 5 Moments
*Superman's Punch (Action Comics #42)
*Six Killing Sounds (Midnighter #2)
*Doom Enters the Battleworld (Secret Wars #4)
*Ontario Bombing (We Stand on Guard #1)
*Thor's Phone Call (Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #7)
Email: 01m49s/
Current Events: 06m14s/
Action Comics #42: 11m01s/
Batman Beyond #2: 13m41s/
Detective Comics #42: 17m01s/
Green Lantern #42: 18m44s/
Midnighter #2: 20m58s/
Omega Men #2: 24m10s/
Secret Wars #4: 26m01s/
Secret Wars: A-Force #2: 29m28s/
Secret Wars: Little Avengers vs X-Men #2: 31m27s
Secret Wars: X-Men: Years of Future Past #2: 33m42s/
Star Wars: Darth Vader #7: 35m35s/
Star Wars: Princess Leia #5: 36m47s/
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #7: 38m07s/
No Mercy #4: 40m59s/
Outcast #10: 44m11s/
Sonic Boom #9: 45m57s/
Tithe #3: 48m10s/
Uncanny Season 2: 50m25s/
We Stand on Guard #1: 52m11s/
Wicked + the Divine #12: 55m39s/
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Here we are, another wonderful week of comics under our belt. This week we are treated to a delightful Chip Zdarsky two-fer, we get introduced to the Robin army, welcome the new status quo for Aquaman, Flash, the Green Lantern Corps, and more, as well as boring Chris to death with talk of Mega Man. So join NOLAnerds Matt "Renumber" Finneman and Chris "Glomps" Robinson as they break it all down for you.

Books of the Week
Matt: We Are Robin #1
Chris: Kaptara #3
Top 5 Moments
*Jailbreak of Henry Allen (Flash #41)
*MODOK in Love (MODOK: Assassin #2)
*Peter Parker Meanmugging (Howard the Duck #4)
*The Abundant Gems (Howard the Duck #4)
*Smurfs Parody (Kaptara #3)
Email: 01m39s/
Current Events: 05m27s/
Aquaman #41: 10m37s/
Batgirl #41: 13m13s/
Batman 66 #24: 16m41s/
Flash #41: 18m55s/
Gotham by Midnight #6: 21m35s/
Grayson #9: 23m15s/
Green Lantern: Lost Army #1: 25m14s/
Superman #41: 30m18s/
We Are Robin #1: 32m45s/
Daredevil #16: 36m33s/
Howard the Duck #4: 39m24s/
Secret Wars: MODOK: Assassin #2: 42m54s/
Fade-Out #7: 44m56s/
Invisible Republic #4: 47m50s/
Kaptara #3: 49m47s/
Sonic Universe #77: 53m15s/
Southern Cross #4: 55m45s/
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It's E3 week! That has nothing to do with comics, but damn if it isn't one of the coolest weeks of the year for us here at NOLAnerd HQ. We are continuing our coverage of the new wave of DC books in the wake of Convergence. On top of that, we are continuing to enjoy the heck out of Marvel's Secret Wars as well as the Mega Man/Sonic the Hedgehog crossover. It is the summer of events! Add to that the finale of one of our favorite Image books, and you have a great week of comics! Join NOLAnerds Matt "Super Fighting Robot" Finneman and Chris "NSFW Sudowoodo" Robinson as they tackle the week that was.

Books of the Week
Matt: Prez: First Teenage President #1
Chris: Thors #1
Email: 01m35s/
Current Events: 03m21s/
Black Canary #1: 05m35s/
Doctor Fate #1: 08m46s/
JLA #1: 11m01s/
Prez: First Teenage President #1: 14m31s/
Secret Six #3: 18m27s/
Sensation Comics Wonder Woman #11: 22m07s/
Superman/Wonder Woman #18: 26m50s/
Ms. Marvel #16: 29m11s/
Secret Wars: Old Man Logan #2: 31m16s/
Secret Wars: Runaways #1: 33m54s/
Secret Wars: Thors #1: 36m14s/
Alex + Ada #15: 38m37s/
Lazarus #17: 41m15s/
Mega Man #50: 43m59s/
Mega Man: World's Unite Battles #1: 48m19s/
Secret Identities #5: 49m39s/
Trees #10: 51m47s/
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This is it! The final press conference in an absolutely massive E3 2015! Like Bethesda before them, Square Enix is debuting their brand new conference to us. Did the company the RPG built make a comeback? Or did they continue their Capcom-esque slide into obscurity?

Were mobile games all they talked about? Did Kingdom Hearts 3 show up in any significant capacity? What about Final Fantasy? Did 15 show up? Or anything new? What about Eidos' input? How awesome was Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Just Cause 3? Were there any surprises? Any new IP?
Join NOLAnerds Matt "Keyblade" Finneman and Chris "He Didn't Ask for This" Robinson as they tackle the final E3 conference!
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Another year, another Nintendo Direct pre recorded Nintendo conference! The NOLAnerds are back with part 6 of 7 in their E3 2015 coverage. So, how did Nintendo do?

Coming in strong after a solid 2014 show and generating a ton of buzz during their Nintendo World Championship and the insane debut of actual Super Mario Maker gameplay, did Nintendo continue the hype train rolling? Did Zelda make a surprise appearance? What about Star Fox, their much discusses game of this year? Did smaller games like Fatal Frame and Devil's Third get the spotlight? What about their upcoming RPGs? Any new surprise games like Splatoon? 
Join the NOLAnerds Matt "Metroid Martyr" Finneman and Chris "Star Fox Savant" Robinson as they let you know what they thought!
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Welcome to part 5 of our E3 2015 coverage! This time we tackle one of the big dogs, Sony and the Playstation 4, a system with the most to prove since it has been enjoying first place since its launch. Can Sony continue that success?

After dominating in 2013 and slipping a bit in 2014 with a snooze worthy Powers TV segment and a lackluster replacement for Jack Tretton, did Sony come back strong? Did they debut any new IPs? What about Uncharted 4? Did it continue to impress? Were the rumors true about them stealing Call of Duty from Xbox? Were there any surprises in store for us? Any megaton announcements? Why do people keep calling Sony 2015 the Wish Making Genie?
Join NOLAnerds Matt "Horizon" Finneman and Chris "No Man's Sky" Robinson as they explain it all. Like Clarissa, but nerdier.
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