We're just a couple of guys from New Orleans who like talking about comics, video games, anime and movies!

This week we talk about sick side flips, our picks for the game most likely to be delayed until next year, and what is actually coming out in October. (Hint: no Saw this year)

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Episode 36 was an amazing, all encompassing experience. Seriously it bordered on the transcendent. Listen if you want to have your mind and heart blown away by all the sincerity of our hosts.


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This week our special guests include the fine folks at Dead Lizard Comics as they discuss their work and we talk about the usual games and comics news.

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This week we are joined by accomplished cosplayers Cat and Grace Davidson (with Engineering Dad!) as we discuss the benefits of making impossible things, the cuteness of Playstation robots, and the best way to "remove" a human body. Plus the highlights of comic news and video games and all points in between.


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Episode 32 is NOT lost. It is located video only on Check it out there.

This week we test the brand new mic (Let us know how it sounds!) Discuss No Man's Sky, and discuss all the comics and video game news we can possibly sink our teeth into.

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This week we regale the guys with tales of Mechacon, discuss foam sword fighting, mention the Suicide Squad issues, and remind ourselves that petitions never ever work.


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This week Matt returns from SDCC to regale us with tales of the fabled "west coast", a metric crap ton of news drops and we dig into that. Civil War II rolls on and changes the landscape of the Marvel Universe, and as always video games galore!


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Welcome to a special early and truncated episode of the NOLAnerdcast! No guest star. No comics news. Not even a full roster of NOLAnerds. What gives? Well, Matthew is leaving for San Diego Comic Con to take the NOLAnerdcast cross country and will be providing coverage of the event from there. So we had to record early! Which means no comics came out yet. But we do talk Ghostbusters, Pokemon GO, toxic Twitter behavior, EVO 2016, and so much more!

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We once again welcome a new guest, Michelle Badeaux from a neighboring podcast called the Nerdy Gras! We ask her about how she started her show, what it's all about, and discover all the awesome things she loves that our own Chris doesn't because he isn't as cool apparently. We also discuss the worldwide addiction that is Pokemon GO, brand new comic debuts from DC's Rebirth line, Marvel's own horribly upsetting Vision series, and more!


Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps: Rebirth: 1h06m05s/

New Super-Man: Rebirth: 1h09m33s/

Nightwing: Rebirth: 1h13m57s/

Civil War II #3: 1h15m55s/

Vision #9: 1h20m49s/

Old Man Logan #8: 1h27m22s/

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #6: 1h32m39s/


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The NOLAnerds return with another round of absurdity, comic book discussion, and game chatter. However this time they are joined by the creators of the local comic property Goofy Froot! What do you get when you mix gangsta grapes, weed addicted chili peppers, a banana CEO, and more? A whole lot of ridiculousness. So join us as we interview them, talk new Rebirth comics and Marvel Civil War tie ins, and talk about the gaming news that came out over the week. 


Aquaman #2: 36m15s/


Batman #2: 39m38s/


Green Arrow #2: 43m05s/


Green Lanterns #2: 44m51s/


Justice League: Rebirth #1: 47m59s/


Superman #2: 49m49s/


Captain Marvel #6: 53m03s/


Spider-Man #5: 55m02s/


Totally Awesome Hulk #8: 57m10s/


Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #9: 58m51s/


Uncanny Inhumans #11: 1h00m01s/


X-Men: Civil War II #2: 1h04m40s/


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