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E3 is here! So get ready for a special extra length episode dedicated to all of the news and conferences that came out of gaming's largest celebration. But we haven't forgotten about comics! We chat about the new DC #1's and new Rebirth one shots, as well as the latest issue of Civil War II. But this week is all about the games. EA. Bethesda. Microsoft. Ubisoft. Sony. Nintendo. We tackle them all, in depth. Check it out!



 Batman #1: 11m30s

Green Arrow #1: 14m11s

Justice League #51: 17m40s

Superman #1: 19m12s

Titans: Rebirth #1: 21m25s

Civil War II #2: 22m46s


E3 Conferences


EA Conference: 21m53s

Bethesda Conference: 35m06s

Microsoft Conference: 44m00s
Ubisoft Conference: 1h10m05s
Sony Conference: 1h25m02s
Nintendo "Conference:" 1h47m06s
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Welcome to the episode of the NOLAnerdcast where we find out firsthand two things: 1) Twitch difficulties make live streaming super difficult. 2) Our followers are awesome and will wait while we tried to fix it time and time again! This week we welcome Turtle Girl, the most intense lover of TMNT you'll ever meet! She breaks down her love of the turtles, ranks the movies and TV shows, and showers us in a ton of information that we never knew about. We also tackle the next round of DC Rebirth titles AND the unprecedented wave of pre E3 2016 gaming leaks!


Action Comics: Rebirth #1: 44m32s/


Aquaman: Rebirth #1: 46m44s/


Detective Comics: Rebirth #1: 49m11s/


Flash: Rebirth #1: 50m55s/


Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1: 52m46s/


Howard the Duck #8: 55m16s/


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Welcome to an episode all about Rebirth! This week we tackle two weeks worth of awesome comics, most notably tackling all of the new DC Rebirth issues! We might have had to say goodbye to Gail Simone's Secret Six, but we welcomed home Ollie the Green Arrow with open arms. Civil War II kicked off, and Deadly Class continued the Era of Upsetting Comics. We chat about the rumored new XBox consoles, new E3 leaks, and more!


Justice League #50/DC: Rebirth #1: 20m17s/


Secret Six #14: 27m20s/


Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #8: 28m26s/


Batman: Rebirth #1: 30m17s/


Green Arrow: Rebirth #1: 32m41s/


Green Lantern: Rebirth #1: 35m00s/


Superman: Rebirth #1: 37m25s/


All-New Wolverine #9: 39m20s/


Civil War II #1: 41m19s/


Old Man Logan #7: 44m44s/


Deadly Class #21: 46m44s/

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A special early bird episode that completely skips the most dramatic and important week of comics all year. So forget about DC: Rebirth (Again) and Captain America is a Nazi I guess? (I'm sure that's the title) and sit with us as we again go through the usual video game goodness. Also our initial reactions to the Preacher pilot and more!

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Welcome to another episode of the NOLAnerdcast, brought to you in both audio AND video over on the Youtubes! This week we tackle a bunch of great comics, ranging from the finale of Sinestro, to the beginning of Marvel's Civil War II, to the ending of the first arc of Jughead, to the debut of the omega crossover Future Quest, and more! We also chat games and the gaming industry, discussing Uncharted 4, what could have been with Fable 4, thoughts on how to improve Xbox in America, among many other topics! So join the NOLAnerds as we chit chat the night away!


Sinestro #23: 23m20s/


All-New Wolverine #8: 24m51s/


Civil War II #0: 28m37s/


Spider-Man #4: 31m30s/


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #5: 34m49s/


Future Quest #1: 36m35s/


Jughead #6: 39m35s/

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The new era has begun! Join the NOLAnerds as they bring you their weekly look at nerd culture through TV, movies, games, and live on video via Twitch! Each week we will have our audio podcast joined by a live broadcasting of the show for fan engagement! This week we talk about comics, watch Scott's arms flail about, discuss guest Mason's trip to Japan, the release of the GOAT Uncharted 4, and so much more!


All-New X-Men #9: 26m15s/


Black Panther #2: 29m49s/


Vision #7: 32m51s/


Archie #8: 35m15s/

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This week the NOLAnerds discover Chris' one weakness, say goodbye to the greatest book of the short lived DC You era, revel in Howard the Duck's mistreatment of Captain America and Spider-Man, discuss the merits of a full blown sci fi Call of Duty game, and so much more it'll make your head spin!


Midnighter #12 - 15m34s/


A-Force #5: 19m02s/


Black Widow #3: 22m13s/


Howard the Duck #7: 25m29s/


Unfollow #7: 28m40s/

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So fun story: It is super easy to frustrate Matthew because he has the thinnest skin ever. Chris exploits that knowledge and makes Matt pout for what seems like 75% of the entire episode. What a baby. Get over it you big baby. Besides that, we talk Nintendo's baffling business moves for 2016, the announcement of the death of the Wii U, and...oh yeah, comics. This was one of the best weeks ever for comics. Like, ever. In the history of us reading. It was awesome. We cherry pick the best for you! AND THERE IS SO MUCH MORE!

Comics Time Stamps: 
Batman #51: 23m50s/
Secret Six #13: 26m28s/
All-New Wolverine #7: 29m00s/
Avengers: Stand Off Omega #1: 32m45s/
Daredevil #6: 35m43s/
Old Man Logan #5: 37m48s/
Saga #36: 41m40s/
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Because SOMEBODY, who shall remain nameless. was busy tom-catting around the city, I now have to throw together this weeks description. We talk about what makes a valid top ten list, bunch of good comics from this week, and we continue harping on about VR, which we will continue to do until the heat death of the universe.


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Join us for a special episode of the NOLAnerdcast! Featuring Dr. Cody Louviere PhD* of King Crow Studios, creators of the currently on Kickstarter game Quest of Souls, the NOLAnerds present one heck of an interview! We chat with Cody about his dream of devving for Nintendo, the origins of the dragon slaying Corgi, the ideas behind his twin stick shooter RPG, and how he was able to stay true to his Louisiana roots, and so much more! And that isn't all! The NOLAnerds also discuss comics, including the single most haunting issue of comics they have read in ages. They also discuss just what it will take for Nintendo to win them over with the NX. Matt tries to talk about VR, but he gets shot down until Dr. Cody PhD* jumps in to save the day!


*Cody is not a doctor. Why would we make that up? WHO KNOWS


Comics Time Stamps:


All-New X-Men #8: 42m24s/


Deadly Class #20: 44m52s/


No Mercy #9: 46m21s/


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