We're just a couple of guys from New Orleans who like talking about comics, video games, anime and movies!

Join us for the first ever NolaNerdPodcast end of the year MEGA PODCAST *trumpets blare* for all things videogames in the year 2011! This is a massive 3 hour smorgasbord of gaming talk with several NolaNerdPodcast first time guest stars! Everything from the Game of the Year to Gaming's Ho-Bag of the Year are represented!

Here is the break down for specific aspects:

First part - Genre breakdowns. Best FPS, Best Action Adventure, Best RPG, etc etc

1:02:00 mark - Misc categories like Best Voice Acting, Biggest Ho-Bag, and Lamest Character.

2:22:36 mark - The meat of the argument, each system's breakdown for best of the year, along with best HD Collection. PS3, 360, Wii, PC, handhelds, and downloadables are all represented!

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This week, Matt and Chris talk about an absurd amount of books, and have such delightful chats about the likes of a multiversal ho of the week, our favorite Moment of the Week, and how Chris' rating of 'Pretty Good' is the damn stupidest thing ever. EVER. EVER! Rate and review us on iTunes. E-mail us at

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In this new episode (sliiightly behind schedule) Matt and Chris talk about the amazing number of new books that came out, name a new Ho of the Week, introduce the new "Moment of the Week" and basically have a grand ol' time. Rate us on iTunes and email us questions or comments at

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In Episode 6 of NolaNerdPodcast, Chris and Matt continue to be awesome and talk about comics and comic related things. Matt forces Chris to say a word ending in 'izzle,' and Chris hates Matt just a -little- bit more than usual. E-mail us at

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In our lightest week yet, Chris and Matt discuss this week's books, answer TWO emails from fans, and discuss the new hardcover trades they've picked up. It's always good times at Nolanerdpodcast. E-mail us at

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