We're just a couple of guys from New Orleans who like talking about comics, video games, anime and movies!

Welcome to another installment in what we like to call, the NOLAnerd OG Saga! That is where we cut out the riff raff and only shower you with the dulcet tones of the original co-creators of the NOLAnerdcast! Prepare to be amazed! Or at least, relieved. Because with only two of us the show really kind of moves along at a brisk pace. It's almost refreshing. This week we bid farewell to the Before Watchmen saga, lament the lack of a lot of competition in 4th week books, discuss the simply horrendous new animated Iron Man movie: Rise of the Technovore, and more! So join the OG NOLAnerds, Matt "Loki-isms" Finneman, and Chris "Die Hard Flash" Robinson and take this journey with us!

Books of the Week
Matt: Young Avengers #4
Chris: Young Avengers #4

Email: 01m03s/

Corporate Sponsors: 02m15s/

Current Events: 05m46s/

Before Watchmen: Comedian #6: 12m16s/ Matt: 6.5 Chris: 6.5/

All-Star Western #19: 15h50s/ Matt: 8.0/

Flash #19: 19m12s/ Matt: 8.0 Chris: 7.5/

Justice League Dark #19: 22m58s/ Matt: 8.5 Chris: 8.5/

Red Lanterns #19: 27m03s/ Matt: 7.5/

Talon #7: 30m26s/ Matt: 7.5 Chris: 8.0/

Teen Titans #19: 33m20s/ Matt: 7.0 Chris: 7.0/

Unwritten #48: 38m14s/ Matt: 8.5 Chris: 8.5/

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #22: 41m10s/ Chris: 8.5/

Uncanny X-Men #5: 44m05s/ Matt: 8.0 Chris: 7.5/

Wolverine and the X-Men #28: 48m56s/ Matt: 7.0 Chris: 6.5/

Young Avengers #4: 54m27s/ Matt: 9.0 Chris: 9.0/

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Episode 77 suckers! 77 weeks of pure unadulterated joy. 77 weeks of hard hitting comics based journalistic integrity. 77 weeks of random. 77 weeks of Chris hating. All for you fans! All for you. This week the NOLAnerds tackle more Age of Ultron in its best week yet, fall in love with the latest Justice League, and enjoy hands down one of the best Daredevil issues around. All of this and more comics fans! So join this weeks NOLAnerds, Matt "Brandish" Finneman, Chris "Bitter Man" Robinson, Scott "OctoPop" Brehm, and Andy "BMO Hater" Niemann as they take you for a journey!

Books of the Week
Matt: Daredevil #25
Chris: Daredevil #25
Scott: Wonder Woman #19
Andy: Justice League #19

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Batman Beyond Unlimited #15: 12m35s/ Matt: 6.5 Chris: 6.0 Andy: 6.5/

Batwoman #19: 17m21s/ Matt: 8.5 Chris: 7.5 Scott: 7.5/

Green Lantern: New Guardians #19: 23m36s/ Matt: 7.0 Chris: 5.5 Scott: 7.0/

Justice League #19: 28m12s/ Matt: 9.0 Chris: 9.0 Scott: 9.0 Andy: 9.0/

Nightwing #19: 35m17s/ Matt: 8.0 Scott: 8.0 Andy: 8.0/

Vibe #3: 39m16s/ Matt: 8.0 Chris: 7.5/

Wonder Woman #19: 43m46s/ Matt: 8.5 Chris: 8.5 Scott: 9.0/

Fables #128: 50m15s/ Matt: 8.0 Chris: 7.5/

Age of Ultron #6: 53m34s/ Matt: 7.5 Chris: 7.5 Andy: 7.5/

Cable and X-Force #7: 1h01m05s/ Chris: 7.5 Scott: 7.0/

Daredevil #25: 1h03m31s/ Matt: 9.5 Chris: 9.5/

Superior Spider-Man #8: 1h08m17s/ Matt: 8.0 Chris: 8.0 Scott: 8.0 Andy: 8.5/

Wolverine and the X-Men #27AU: 1h13m17s/ Matt: 5.0 Chris: 6.5 Andy: 6.0/

Adventure Time #15: 1h17m05s/ Matt: 7.5 Chris: 8.0 Scott: 8.0 Andy: 8.0/

Ghostbusters #3: 1h22m27s/ Chris: 6.0 Scott: 6.0/

Sonic Universe #51: 1h26m22s/ Matt: 8.0 Scott: 8.0 Andy: 8.0/ 

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It's always a bit sad the week after a big milestone episode. 76 doesn't have nearly the same charm to it as 75 does. But this week is almost even MORE special! It's one of our biggest weeks yet! A huge slew of quality books including Saga, more Age of Ultron, another round of Batman books introducing new villains and new characters, and part one of the epic Mega Man and Sonic crossover! We also have a special treat, our first call in to the show! Mega fan Paxson calls in to discuss with us why he isn't particularly keen on Saga - see how we agree and disagree in a special segment! So join the NOLAnerds Matt "Sonic Man" Finneman, Chris "Food Poisoned" Robinson, Scott "Goldballs" Brehm, and Andy "Saga Defender" Niemann as they break it all down for you, issue by issue!

Books of the Week
Matt: Batman and Robin #19
Chris: Saga #12
Scott: Batgirl #19
Andy: Batman and Robin #19

Email: 01m27s/

Corporate Sponsors: 28m00s/

Current Events: 29m10s/

Ultron #1AU: 36m05s/ Matt: 6.5 Chris: 6.0/

Batgirl #19: 38m44s/ Matt: 8.5 Chris: 8.0 Scott: 8.0/

Batman #19: 45m13s/ Matt: 8.0 Chris: 8.0 Scott: 8.0 Andy: 8.5/

Batman and Robin #19: 52m10s/ Matt: 8.5 Chris: 7.0 Scott: 7.0 Andy: 9.0/

Batman: Li'l Gotham #1: 58m31s/ Matt: 7.5 Chris: 7.5 Scott: 8.0 Andy: 7.5/

Constantine #2: 1h02m41s/ Matt: 8.0 Chris: 7.5 Scott: 7.5 Andy: 7.0/

Demon Knights #19: 1h07m17s/ Matt: 8.0 Chris: 7.5 Andy: 8.0/

Green Lantern Corps #19: 1h10m22s/ Matt: 7.0 Chris: 7.0 Andy: 7.0/

Suicide Squad #19: 1h15m27s/ Matt: 7.5 Scott: 7.5/

Team 7 #7: 1h19m40s/ Matt: 6.5/

Age of Ultron #5: 1h24m07s/ Matt: 6.5 Chris: 7.5 Andy: 5.0/

Hawkeye #9: 1h31m00s/ Matt: 8.5/

Thor: God of Thunder #7: 1h33m56s/ Chris: 8.0/

Uncanny X-Men #4: 1h36m04s/ Matt: 6.0 Chris: 6.5 Scott: 6.5/

Adventure Time: Fiona & Cake #4: 1h42m14s/ Matt: 7.5 Chris: 8.0 Scott: 7.5 Andy: 8.0

Bravest Warriors #7: 1h45m24s/ Matt: 8.0 Chris: 7.0/

Mega Man #24: 1h48m54s/ Matt: 8.5 Chris: 6.5 Scott: 8.0 Andy: 8.0/

Saga #12: 1h55m16s/ Matt: 8.0 Chris: 8.5 Scott: 8.0 Andy: 8.5/

Star Wars #4: 2h01m02s/ Chris: 7.5 Andy: 7.0/

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Episode Seventy Five people! EPISODE 75! That is one milestone greater than 50, which is apparently a point of contention and we actually discuss that for some reason during the show. But I digress. Matt here, back in charge of our super witty and cool episode breakdowns. I'm not even sure people read these. Do they? Does it matter? Let's just talk comics people! This week we have several email questions to tackle, a ton of juicy industry news, and quite a few brand new creative teams tackling some DC books. All of that plus a new Marvel NOW launch, the penultimate Green Lantern issue, and more! So join NOLAnerds Matt "Age of Ultra Boring" Finneman, Chris "75 is the New 50" Robinson, and Andy "Worse Pick Than Shots Shots Shots" Niemann on this, our 75th episode!

Books of the Week
Matt: Green Arrow #19
Chris: Earth 2 #11
Andy: Steam Wars #1

 Email: 05m22s/

Corporate Sponsors: 22m47s/

Current Events: 24m29s/

Thanos Rising #1: 30m46s/ Matt: 7.5 Chris: 7.0 Andy: 7.5/

Age of Ultron #4: 33m23s/ Matt: 5.0 Chris: 7.5 Andy: 4.0/

All-New X-Men #10: 44m30s/ Matt: 8.5 Chris: 8.0/

Indestructible Hulk #6: 49m28s/ Matt: 7.0 Chris: 8.0 Andy: 8.0/

Superior Spider-Man #7: 53m14s/ Matt: 7.0 Chris: 7.5 Andy: 7.5/

Animal Man #19: 1h00m44s/ Matt: 8.5 Chris: 8.0/

Earth 2 #11: 1h04m31s/ Matt: 9.0 Chris: 9.0 Andy: 8.5/

Green Arrow #19: 1h08m36s/ Matt: 9.0 Chris: 8.0 Andy: 8.5/

Green Lantern #19: 1h13m29s/ Matt: 8.5 Chris: 8.0/

Phantom Stranger #7: 1h18m10s/ Matt: 8.0 Chris: 8.0 Andy: 9.0/

Stormwatch #19: 1h21m59s/ Matt: 7.0 Chris: 7.5/

Swamp Thing #19: 1h26m01s/ Matt: 7.0 Chris: 7.5/

Fairest #14: 1h30m29s/ Matt: 8.0 Chris: 7.5/

Sex #1: 1h33m00s/ Andy: 7.0/

Steam Wars #1: 1h34m53s/ Chris: 7.0 Andy: 9.0/

Arrow Watch: 1h38m58s/

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MARCH MADNESS! IT'S MADNESS Y'ALL! Seriously though video game industry, you have to start accepting the fact that there are months that exist between March and October. March has become a second holiday time for gaming, where all of the AAA titles that didn't launch for November all crash into one another. Great for gaming, bad for a gamer that wants them all! This month the NOLAnerds tackle the month of crazy releases and even more news. Video game announcements! PC launch clusterfucks! More next gen rumor mills! PAX East and the indie revolution! And a surprise Best of the Month game you won't see coming! Unless you know us. So join the NOLAnerd crew, Matt "Believe It!" Finneman, Chris "Booker" Robinson, Ronald "Samurai Lord" Bienemy, Andy "Tomb Raiding" Niemann, and Mason "Pikachu 3DS XL" Maldonado as they discuss everything possible and then some.

March Gaming News: 01m25s/

March Video Game Releases: 41m43s/

Tomb Raider: 1h02m47s/

BioShock Infinite: 1h05m03s/

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3: 1h14m04s/

Ending: 1h23m11s/

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