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Matt's gone again and a major holiday is about to hit the US so I guess I'll stay and record the show about the million or so books that came out this week. No it's fine. I'm not complaining, I mean I didn't want to play Fallout 4 tonight anyway. So anyway here is the show. I'm not giving times because I'm busy doing important stuff and the show is only a half hour long so you can deal with not having the times.


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November sure is a month of plenty. Movies come back in full force. TV seasons are hitting their stride. Games are coming at a breakneck pace. And comics never seem to stop debuting and hitting us with massive weeks! This week we have everything from another week of Batman & Robin: Eternal to a Catman vs Aquaman fight to several Marvel debuts to a brand new Mark Millar debut and so much more! So join NOLAnerds Matt "Etrigan Putt Putt" Finneman and Chris "Star Wars Overload" Robinson as they do what they do best.


Books of the Week

Matt: Ms. Marvel #1

Chris: Mighty Thor #1


Top 5 Moments

*Badass Vader (Star Wars: Vader Down #1)

*Ladies Ogling the Fight (Secret Six #8)

*Alarm Cat's Opening Statements (Shutter #17)

*Villain's Unite (Mighty Thor #1)

*Headpat (All-New Wolverine #1)


Current Events: 01m21s/


Action Comics #46: 08m12s/


Batman 66 #29: 10m21s/


Batman & Robin: Eternal #7: 11m21s/


Doctor Fate #6: 13m37s/


Earth 2: Society #6: 15m21s/


Green Lantern: Lost Army #6: 17m25s/


Secret Six #8: 19m35s/


Titans Hunt #2: 22m32s/


All-New Wolverine #1: 25m00s/


Extraordinary X-Men #2: 27m01s/


Mighty Thor #1: 29m56s/


Ms. Marvel #1: 32m46s/


New Avengers #3: 34m41s/


Spider-Gwen #2: 36m17s/


Star Wars #12: 38m07s/


Star Wars: Darth Vader #12: 39m44s/


Star Wars: Vader Down #1: 41m11s/


Uncanny Inhumans #2: 43m02s/


Clean Room #2: 44m44s/


Beauty #4: 45m53s/


Huck #1: 47m25s/


Shutter #17: 50m11s/

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NOLAnerd Matt is running solo this week, after being left all alone and abandoned because "Disney is fun and I need a vacation" is apparently a good excuse. Good thing there were comics to keep me warm and to help me feel loved! T_T Join NOLAnerd Matt "Lonely Hearts Club" Finneman as he tries to do the job of two men!

Book of the Week

Matt: Justice League: Darkseid War - Shazam #1

Top 5 Moments

*Meeting the New Gods (Justice League: Darkseid War - Shazam #1)
*Ping (Justice League: Darkseid War - Green Lantern #1
*Day Jobs (Constantine: Hellblazer #1)
*Ms Marvel Meets Nova (All-New Avengers #1)
*Tim 22 (Descender #7)

Email: 00m55s/

Batman #46: 01m48s/

Batman Beyond #6: 03m22s/

Batman & Robin: Eternal #6: 04m55s/

Batman/Superman #26: 06m32s/

Constantine: Hellblazer #6: 08m09s/

Justice League: Darkseid War - Green Lantern #1: 09m31s/

Justice League: Darkseid War - Shazam #1: 11m41s/

Starfire #6: 13m09s/

All-New Hawkeye #1: 14m38s/

All-New Avengers #1: 16m22s/

Secret Wars #7: 18m13s/

Secret Wars: Thors #4: 19m47s/

Autumnlands: Tooth & Claw #7: 21m07s/

Birthright #11: 22m27s/

Codename: Baboushka #2: 24m10s/

Descender #7: 26m19s/

Wicked + the Divine #16: 27m46s/

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This month there is little on news and a lot on game releases. That is the life we live in the holiday gaming rush! But we weren't bereft of gaming news. Sony debuted their first ever Paris Games Week conference with a slew of brand new game announcements and fresh showings for old standbys. We got new looks at Wild, a release date for No Man's Sky, the new game from David Cage, and much more! Game wise we saw a new Assassin's Creed, the launch of Halo 5, a ton of new Japanese offerings, and so much more! So join NOLAnerds Matt "Life is Strange" Finneman and Chris "Master Locke" Robinson as they chat you up!


Gaming News October 2015 - 01m50s


Game Releases October 2015 - 20m50s


Ending/PS+/GwG - 40m00s

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WHAT A MASSIVE WEEK in comics this was! Turns out November isn't just crazy for gaming. Marvel unleashed a ton of brand new number ones, and Image followed suit with one of the most heavily stacked weeks in recent memory. Everything from Black Racer Flash to Iron Man bro-fives to totally justified trials of Hank McCoy, this week has a little something for everyone! So join NOLAnerds Matt "Beast is the Worst" Finneman and Chris "Seriously, He is the Worst" Robinson as they do their best to navigate the giant stack of comics for your benefit!


Books of the Week

Matt: Midnighter #6

Chris: Uncanny X-Men #600


Top 5 Moments

*Iron Man and Doctor Strange's High Five (Invincible Iron Man #3)

*Twist Ending (Midnighter #6)

*Trial of Hank McCoy (Uncanny X-Men #600)
*Tour of Sanctum Sanctorum (Doctor Strange #2)

*Drax' Thanos Rant (Drax #1)


Email: 02m01s/


Current Events: 05m16s/


Batman & Robin: Eternal #5: 09m15s/


Detective Comics #46: 12m25s/


Green Lantern #46: 14m26s/


Justice League: Darkseid War - Flash #1: 16m35s/


Justice League: Darkseid War - Superman #1: 19m51s/


Midnighter #6: 22m17s/


Sensation Comics w/ Wonder Woman #16: 25m13s/


Doctor Strange #2: 27m08s/


Drax #1: 31m16s/


Uncanny X-Men #600: 34m35s/


Extraordinary X-Men #1: 39m08s/


Howard the Duck #1: 41m48s/


Invincible Iron Man #3: 45m05s/


Star Wars #11: 47m05s/


Vision #1: 48m08s/


Citizen Jack #1: 51m31s/


Lazarus #20: 54m54s/


Monstress #1: 58m04s/


Paper Girls #2: 1h01m31s/


Unfollow #1: 1h03m30s/


Velvet #12: 1h06m30s/


We Stand On Guard #5: 1h08m30s/

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