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What a welcome relief this week was for our wallets! But don't confuse a lower total of comics as being indicative of lower quality. No sir! Or madam. This week we see Batgirl pop up three separate times, say goodbye to a trio of Secret Wars tie ins, begin the second arc of The Tithe and get introduced to its all too real premise, and so much more! So join NOLAnerds Matt "Sexy Lobo" Finneman and Chris "Kanan Fan Boy" Robinson as they chat it up.

Books of the Week
Matt: The Tithe #5
Chris: Grayson #12
Top 5 Moments
*Flash's Arm Shatter (Flash #44)
*Frankie's New Robot Pals (Batgirl #44)
*Grayson's Goodbyes (Grayson #12)
*Lobo's Finger Lop (Sinestro #15)
*Winter Soldier's Farewell (Secret Wars: Runaways #4)
Email: 01m36s/
Current Events: 04m56s/
Batgirl #44: 08m30s/
Batman 66 #27: 11m45s/
Flash #44: 13m38s/
Gotham by Midnight #9: 15m46s/
Grayson #12: 17m25s/
Sinestro #15: 19m23s/
We Are Robin #4: 22m10s/
Secret Wars: Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #4: 25m15s/
Secret Wars: Runaways #4: 27m44s/
Secret Wars: X-Men: Years of Future Past #5: 30m44s/
Invisible Republic #6: 35m15s/
The Tithe #5: 37m37s/
Wolf #3: 41m45s/
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Here we are again comics fans! This week the real world and the comics world clashed with Prez being eerily prescient in its jokes and parodies about our political landscape. We also chat about DC TV vs DC film universes, bemoan the love of Ralph and Sue Dibny, prepare for the finale of several Image books, and much more! So join NOLAnerds Matt "Kanan-ical" Finneman and Chris "Clock Maker" Robinson as they break it all down for you!

Books of the Week
Matt: Prez: Teenage President #4
Chris: Secret Wars: House of M #3
Top 5 Moments
*Strix vs Riddler (Secret Six #6)
*Scarlet Witch Demands an Audience (Secret Wars: House of M #3)
*Manga-riffic Evil Tentacle Vagina (Sex Criminals #12)
*Shutter Goes Meta (Shutter #15)
*Charlie vs Gil (Fade Out #9)
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Current Events: 07m03s/
Black Canary #4: 11m21s/
Constantine: Hellblazer #4: 13m30s/
Doctor Fate #4: 16m30s/
Green Lantern: Lost Army #4: 18m47s/
Prez: Teenage President #4: 21m38s/
Secret Six #6: 25m11s/
Sensation Comics w/ Wonder Woman #14: 27m30s/
All-New Hawkeye #5: 28m39s/
Secret Wars: Age of Apocalypse #4: 30m28s/
Secret Wars: House of M #3: 33m52s/
Star Wars #9: 36m18s/
Star Wars: Lando #4: 38m51s/
Beauty #2: 41m04s/
Fade Out #9: 44m05s/
Mega Man #53: 46m19s/
Secret Identities #6: 48m43s/
Sex Criminals #12: 50m41s/
Shutter #15: 54m01s/
Southern Cross #5: 55m42s/
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Shh! Did you hear that noise? That's the sound of a fresh week of comics sneaking up on us! This week the NOLAnerds welcome back the world of Bitch Planet, prepare to say goodbye to a few Secret Wars stories, and continue their love affair with the new Starfire. So join NOLAnerds Matt "Not a Jerkface" Finneman and Chris "Totes a Jerkface" Robinson as they talk it all up for your listening pleasure.

Books of the Week
Matt: Secret Wars: Civil War #4
Chris: Starfire #4
Top 5 Moments
*Starfire's Girl Time (Starfire #4)
*The Blue's Invasion (Secret Wars: Civil War #4)
*Ms Marvel says Goodbye to Captain Marvel (Ms. Marvel #18)
*Red Skull's Finale (Secret Wars: Red Skull #3)
*Herpes Kids (Deadly Class #16)
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Current Events: 05m11s/
Action Comics #44: 10m29s/
Batman #44: 13m51s/
Batman/Superman #24: 17m36s/
Earth 2: Society #4: 20m03s/
Gotham Academy #10: 22m57s/
Starfire #4: 24m50s/
Ms. Marvel #18: 28m07s/
Secret Wars: A-Force #4: 31m09s/
Secret Wars: Civil War #4: 33m27s/
Secret Wars: Red Skull #3: 36m37s/
Secret Wars: Siege #3: 39m04s/
Star Wars: Darth Vader #9: 42m01s/
Star Wars: Shattered Empire #1: 43m58s/
Bitch Planet #5: 47m47s/
Deadly Class #16: 51m34s/
Injection #5: 55m55s/
Outcast #12: 58m44s/
Phonogram #2: 59m54s/
Wicked + the Divine #14: 1h01m53s/
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It's comics time! We are in for a treat this week, with a bevy of Secret Wars tie ins as well as a ton of great Image books! Add to that the fact that Chris is apparently a lover of a certain World War 2 despot, and this has the makings of a classic NOLAnerd episode. So join NOLAnerds Matt "VR Torture" Finneman and Chris "Despot Lover" Robinson as they chat it up!

Books of the Week
Matt: Daredevil #18
Chris: Daredevil #18
Top 5 Moments
*Batman's Backhand (Detective Comics #44)
*Midnighter's Hand Slice (Midnighter #4)
*Fin Fang Foom (Secret Wars: House of M #2)
*Uncanny's Brutal Finale (Uncanny Season 2 #6)
*VR Torture (We Stand On Guard #3)
Email: 02m01s/
Current Events: 05m31s/
Batman Beyond #4: 11m40s/
DC Comics Bombshells #2: 14m31s/
Detective Comics #44: 16m57s/
Green Lantern #44: 20m20s/
Midnighter #4: 22m51s/
Daredevil #18: 27m31s/
Secret Wars: Age of Apocalypse #3: 31m41s/
Secret Wars: House of M #2: 33m59s/
Secret Wars: Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde #3: 37m10s/
Secret Wars: Thors #3: 39m39s/
Dark Corridor #2: 42m30s/
Dying and the Dead #3: 44m33s/
Lazarus #19: 48m07s/
Plutona #1: 51m52s/
Uncanny Season 2 #6: 54m19s/
We Stand On Guard #3: 56m15s/
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Welcome one and welcome all! The summer drought is over! Soon we shall be awash in a sea of too many games. But until then, let us reflect on the month that graced us with quality mobile titles and indie games galore! This was also the month of Gamescom, and with Sony opting out this year, Microsoft stepped in to show them why 2016 will be a great year for the box that Halo built. We also discuss the pros and cons of the preorder culture that permeates the industry. So join NOLAnerds Matt "Indie Gamer" Finneman and Chris "Mobile Initiate" Robinson as they talk to you about stuffs!

Gaming News August 2015: 01m57s/
Preorder Discussion: 26m56s/
Gaming Releases August 2015: 34m28s/
Ending/PS+/Games with Gold: 47m40s/
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