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O SNAP! Nola Nerds are back at it again! You know, since last week. Since we do this every week. Like clockwork. Well, really laggy inconsistent clockwork. The kind of clock you'd get from a flea market or something. Moving on! Join the Nola Nerds as they break down the week in books and talk about the industry at large. The Nerds this week are Matt "Rape Snakes" Finneman, Chris "Finally Knows the Difference Between Warcraft and Warhammer" Robinson, and Scott "I Hate Bunker" Brehm.

Fun easter egg! Find out which body part of our friend David is utterly disgusting. Pics up on the Facebook page! Time stamps below:

Emails: 01m38s/

Corporate Sponsors: 07m12s/

New Deadwardians #1: 10m11s/

Mighty Thor #12: 11m15s/

Aquaman #7: 13m50s/

Flash #7: 17m57s/

Green Lantern: New Guardians #7: 22m40s/

Justlice League Dark #7: 27m17s/

I, Vampire #7: 30m20s/

Teen Titans #7: 33m14s/

Unwritten #35.5: 40m00s/

Avengers vs. X-Men #0: 43m50s/

Daredevil #10: 47m00s/

Uncanny X-Force #23: 49m31s/

All-Star Western #7: 53m20s/

DC Universe Legends #26: 57m04s/

Superman #7: 59m40s/

Legion: Secret Origin #6: 1h03m20s/

Uncharted #5: 1h05m21s/

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This, is the rallying cry of our review.

You are about to listen to the two and a half hour extravaganza that is the Nola Nerds' first ever in depth video game review! Join Matt "Supports the Indoctrination Theory" Finneman, Chris "Is Ambivalent Towards the Indoctrination Theory" Robinson, Kevin "Doesn't Really Agree with the Indoctrination Theory" Blackwell, and introducing Josh "Never Watched the Indoctrination Theory" Bowman as they break the game down.

How did our games differ? What branching paths did we all take? Who survived? What ending did we achieve? Did we like multiplayer? Which Mass Effect was the better shooter? The better RPG? The better overall game? From the big moments to the smallest nitpicks, it is all here! But most importantly, WHAT DID WE THINK ABOUT THE ENDING? Why does Chris hate Ashley so much? Tune in the find out! General time stamps below:

Write-In Opinions: 02m00s/

Graphics Breakdown: 13m30s/

Sound/Voice/Music Breakdown: 31m21s/

Gameplay/Comparison Breakdown: 38m15s/

Story/Plot Breakdown: 1h05m32s/

Pros: 1h42m01s/

Cons: 1h55m0s/

Ending Opinions: 2h04m40s/

Final Opinions + Ratings: 2h25m50s/

Multiplayer Mini-Breakdown: 2h30m06s/

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The Nola Nerds are at it again! Featuring the first ever "Nola Nerd Prediction" and a bevy of comic reviews, this is your one stop shop for a spoiler free in depth look at the week in comics. This week welcome Matthew "Not Going to Flash Anyone This Week" Finneman, Chris "Still Can't Tell the Difference Between Warhammer and Warcraft" Robinson, Scott "Huh. I Have a Smoker's Voice" Brehm, and Barbie "I Just Want to Read Your Comics for Free" Cure as they break it down issue by issue. Four Nerds, but only three books of the week! Which nerds actually agreed with one another? Find out! Time stamps below:

Email: 01m30s/

Corporate Sponsors: 06m00s/

Current Events: 10m18s/

Hoax Hunters #0: 14m20s/

Rocketeer Adventures Book 2 #1: 15m40s/

Super Crooks #1 Mini Review : 18m10s/

Tiny Titans #50 Mini Review: 20m30s/

Batman #7: 22m37s/

Batman Beyond Unlimited #2: 28m30s/

Green Lantern Corps #7: 33m04s/

Justice League #7: 37m04s/

Wonder Woman #7: 43m09s/

Fables #115: 47m50s/

Kick-Ass 2 #7: 49m48s/

Catwoman #7: 52m00s/

Nightwing #7: 55m03s/

Dominique Laveau #1: 59m02s/

Generation Hope #17: 1h02m30s/

Red Hood and the Outlaws #7: 1h05m44s/

Supergirl #7: 1h10m16s/

Uncanny X-Men #9: 1h13m02s/

Birds of Prey #7: 1h17m15s/

Scarlet Spider #3: 1h19m57s/

Blue Beetle #7: 1h22m35s/

Ghostbusters #7: 1h25m25s/

Invincible Iron Man #514: 1h28m00s/

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This was an amazing week for the Nola Nerds! Almost every book that came out this week was either solid or incredible, with improvements across the board. A great time to be a comics fan! Not much happened this week aside from a landslide of quality books to cover, so come join Matthew "Drank from the damn bottle apparently" Finneman, Chris "Gremlin Toes" Robinson, Scott "Surly" Brehm, and Barbie "Ate a salad as well as painted her damn toes" Cure as they launch into a great week in comics. Time stamps below:

Email: 03m06s/

Fake Corporate Sponsors: 07m08s/

Current Events (Amy Reeder): 11m55s/

Avengers Assemble #1: 13m45s/

Saucer Country #1: 17m50s/

Batgirl #7: 21m00s/

Batwoman #7: 27m34s/

Deathstroke #7: 32m52s/

Demon Knights #7: 37m54s/

Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE #7: 42m32s/

Green Lantern #7: 45m28s/

Shade #6: 50m00s/

Unwritten #35: 54m47s/

Punisher #9: 58m33s/

Wolverine and the X-Men #7: 1h02m14s/

Saga #1: 1h08m49s/

Suicide Squad #7: 1h15m50s/

Superboy #7: 1h23m08s/

Batman and Robin #7: 1h26m40s/

Adventure Time #2: 1h30m13s/

Resurrection Man #7: 1h34m00s/

Buffy Season 9 #7: 1h37m20s/

Mega Man #11: 1h40m18s/

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This week on the Nola Nerd Podcast, the gang breaks down the new weeks' books, as well as breaking down the new animated programming blocks for both DC and Marvel! See which comics this week get recommended for new readers, and which ones are best left for a trade! Join Matt "I Heart the Runaways" Finneman, Chris "Goddamn do I love OMAC" Robinson, and Scott "Detective Comics sucked and stuff happened" Brehm on the latest edition of the world renowned NolaNerdPodcast! Which comic did all three Nola Nerds agree was one of the best issues of the entire year? Listen in and find out! Time stamps below:

Email: 2m40s/

Corporate Sponsors: 6m40s/

DC Nation/Marvel Universe: 10m20s/

Nightforce #1: 17m02s/

Defenders #5: 19m04s/

Action Comics #7: 23m37s/

Animal Man #7: 29m26s/

Justice League International #7: 34m43s/

Stormwatch #7: 38m54s/

Swamp Thing #7: 42m40s/

Fairest #1: 48m10s/

Age of Apocalypse #1: 52m54s/

Avengers Academy #27: 56m34s/

Ultimate Spider-Man #8: 58m55s/

DC Universe Legends #25: 1h02m12s/

Red Lanterns #7: 1h04m40s/

OMAC #7: 1h08m02s/

Detective Comics #7: 1h13m12s/

Static Shock #7: 1h16m00s/

Batwing #7: 1h19m17s/

Uncanny X-Men #8: 1h22m14s/

Green Arrow #7: 1h24m40s/

Avengers: Children's Crusade #9: 1h26m18s

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Special Leap Year Edition! Introducing NolaNerdPodcast's FIRST MOVIE REVIEW OF ALL TIME EVER! We review and discuss Justice League: Doom, the newest of the DC Animated movies. We also try and tackle the thorny subject of the depiction of women in comics as well as answer a slew of fan emails. Several guest stars join us this week. Join Matthew "Failure to Moderate" Finneman, Chris "Meanwhile" Robinson, Scott "I've Been Drinking Since 6" Brehm, Barbie "I Thought the Drunk Show Was Next Week" Cure, and introducing Kevin "Why are There 65 Cheetahs?" Blackwell and Chelsea "Left Us Halfway" St. Juniors. Time stamps below:

Emails: 01m22s/

Fake Corporate Sponsors: 23m28s/

Current Events: Women In Comics: 26m00s/

Justice Leage: Doom Movie Review: 39m00s/

Moon Knight #10: 55m00s/

Tiny Titans #49: 56m43s/

Batman Beyond Unlimited #1: 59m00s/

Justice League #6: 1h05m00s/

Shade #5: 1h09m55s/

Unwritten #34.5: 1h12m28s/

DC Universe Legends #24: 1h15m10s/

Legion: Secret Origin #5: 1h17m46s/

Angel & Faith #6: 1h19m35s/

Uncharted #4: 1h22m00s/

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