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The long slow towards episode 100 continues with another riveting installment of the NOLAnerdcast! This week the nerds tackle the reality of a Ben Affleck Batman, discuss the merits of a newly redesigned Lobo, break down the ending of Trinity War, and hate some more on the fact that Villains Month is interrupting every book they read from DC. Sprinkle in a double dose of XMen books and a stellar issue of Lazarus and you have the makings of a quality podcast. So join NOLAnerds Matt "Chris Instigator" Finneman and Chris "Has No Strong Feelings for Marvel" Robinson on this wonderful comics filled journey.

Books of the Week
Matt: Justice League #23
Chris: Adventures of Superman #4

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Current Events: 11m15s/

Adventures of Superman #4: 18m07s/ Chris: 4.0/

All-Star Western #23: 21m02s/ Matt: 4.0/

Aquaman #23: 23m48s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.5/

Batman/Superman #3: 27m36s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 4.0/

Flash #23: 30m27s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.0/

Green Team #4: 33m21s/ Matt: 2.5 Chris: 2.5/

Justice League #23: 36m39s/ Matt: 4.5 Chris: 4.0/

Larfleeze #3: 41m35s/ Matt: 1.5/

Red Lanterns #23: 44m06s/ Matt: 3.0/

Talon #11: 46m24s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 3.0/

Collider: FBP #2: 50m47s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 3.0/

Unwritten #52: 53m45s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.5/

Thor: God of Thunder #12: 56m41s/ Chris: 4.0/

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #26: 1h01m31s/ Chris: 3.0/

Uncanny X-Men #11: 1h03m14s/ Matt: 4.0 Chris: 3.5/

Wolverine and the X-Men #35: 1h07m11s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.5/

Young Avengers #9: 1h11m22s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.0/

Lazarus #3: 1h15m34s/ Matt: 4.0 Chris: 4.0/

Mass Effect: Foundation #2: 1h18m57s/ Matt: 3.5/

ThinK Tank #9: 1h21m55s/ Matt: 3.5/

Uncanny #3: 1h24m20s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.5/

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Man these big weeks of comics really sneak up on you huh? This week the NOLAnerds tackle a wide variety of books, and tackle a whole bunch of different issues. What are our thoughts on Villains Month? How do we feel about the birth of a new God? What about that Ice King? All the feels am I right? How does Mark Waid make such angsty characters so fun loving? Will Jubilee ever stop being a terrible stupid Vampire? Answers to some of these burning questions, right here in this podcast! So join NOLAnerds Matt "Hates Campy Batman" Finneman and Chris "Gimmick Month" Robinson on our latest episode!

Books of the Week
Matt: Wonder Woman #23
Chris: Adventure Time #19

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Animal Man #23: 09m52s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.0/

Batman '66 #2: 15m50s/ Chris: 3.0/

Batman and Robin #23: 18m31s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.0/

Batman Beyond Universe #1: 21m56s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 3.0/

Batwoman #23: 26m21s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.0/

Green Lantern: New Guardians #23: 28m21s/ Matt: 4.0 Chris: 3.5/

Justice League Dark #23: 31m31s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.5/

Superman Unchained #3: 36m13s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 3.0/

Trinity of Sin: Pandora #3: 39m28s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 3.0/

Vibe #7: 42m44s/ Matt: 3.0/

Wonder Woman #23: 47m36s/ Matt: 4.5 Chris: 4.0/

Fables #132: 51m27s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.5/

Cable and X-Force #13: 55m04s/ Chris: 3.0/

Daredevil #30: 57m35s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 3.5/

Indestructible Hulk #12: 1h00m58s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 3.5/

Superior Spider-Man #16: 1h04m50s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 3.0/

X-Men #4: 1h09m46s/ Matt: 3.0/

Adventure Time #19: 1h12m51s/ Matt: 4.0 Chris: 4.0/

Bounce #4: 1h16m28s/ Matt: 3.0/

Bravest Warriors #11: 1h19m00s/ Matt: 3.0/


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Just Two Best Friends this week, yup. A regular Team 4 Star of quality. Two Nostalgia Critics. Why am I name dropping famous internet personalities? Because why not? It's hard coming up with new things to type in here every week. Like, super hard bro. But that's ok, because I can always fall back and discuss comics! Like the return of the always amazing Saga! Or a new entry into Trinity War! And other stuff. Because you know, comics. So join NOLAnerds Matt "Solo Butt Shot" Finneman and Chris "DC's Bishop" Robinson as they meander around topics and basically bullshit their way through another week of books!

Books of the Week
Matt: Nightwing #23
Chris: Thor: God of Thunder #11

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Current Events: 12m05s/

Batgirl #23: 19m06s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 2.5/

Batman #23: 24m31s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.0/

Batman: Li'l Gotham #5: 33m04s/ Matt: 3.0/

Constantine #6: 36m48s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 3.0/

Demon Knights #23: 41m02s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 3.0/

Green Lantern Corps #23: 45m52s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 3.0/

Justice League of America #7: 49m54s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.5/

Nightwing #23: 54m32s/ Matt: 3.5/

Suicide Squad #23: 57m54s/ Matt: 3.0/

Thor: God of Thunder #11: 1h00m22s/ Chris: 4.0/

Uncanny X-Men #10: 1h03m53s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.5/

Wolverine and the X-Men #34: 1h10m30s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.0/

Ghosted #2: 1h14m37s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 3.0/

Saga #13: 1h17m19s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.5/

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This was a good week for Marvel folks. DC wasn't too shabby but Marvel knocked it away this week. This whole Marvel NOW thing has done for them what the New 52 did for DC - it got us reading books we never would have and we are now buying more from them than ever before. Also this show is no nonsense. We don't have time to waste with tangents and wise cracking. No sir. Not this week. Not when that brand new copy of Tales of Xillia for our PS3s were calling out to us. So this episode is dedicated to Tales of Xillia, for getting us in under the hour mark with a bunch of books to discuss. So join Matt "Xillia-Phile" Finneman and Chris "Grey Beard Hair" Robinson as they give it to you like it is.

Books of the Week
Matt: Superior Foes of Spider-Man #2 
Chris: Superior Foes of Spider-Man #2

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Current Events: 02m53s/

Earth 2 #15: 03m52s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 3.0/

Green Arrow #23: 07m09s/ Matt: 4.0 Chris: 3.5/

Green Lantern #23: 10m30s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 2.5/

Movement #4: 13m08s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 3.0/

Phantom Stranger #11: 16m51s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 2.5/

Swamp Thing #23: 22m13s/ Chris: 3.0/

Fairest #18: 24m02s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 3.0/

Trillium #1: 7m20s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 3.5/

All-New X-Men #15: 32m34s/ Matt: 4.0 Chris: 4.0/

Avengers AI #2: 37m41s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.0/

Cable and X-Force #12: 40m21a/ Chris: 3.5/

Superior Spider-Man #15: 43m37s/ Matt: 4.0 Chris: 4.0/

Superior Foes of Spider-Man #2: 47m09s/ Matt: 4.5 Chris: 4.0/

Mega Man #28: 51m03s/ Matt: 3.5/

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The month of July is a funny month. It is the last bastion of the summer drought, but without the massive E3 news blowout that June has. However July does have one thing going for it - San Diego Comic Con, or as we like to call it, the E3 of the Masses. The two intrepid hosts of the NOLAnerdcast headed on over to Comic Con to get their hands on all the biggest upcoming games, as well as to try out the brand new PS4 and XBox One consoles. Between that, a handful of game releases and a smattering of gaming news, July gave us enough to talk about to fill up a nice show for you all! So join the NOLAnerds Matt "21-3" Finneman, Chris "Saints Row 4 Pres" Robinson, Ronald "Saints Row 4 Pres GOTY" Bienemy, Mason "Japanophile" Maldonado, and introducing sit in guest star Zack "WoW" St. Onge as they discuss games and game related shenanigry.

Gaming News July 2013: 02m28s/

Comic Con Hands On Breakdowns: 34m12s/

Game Releases July 2013: 54m12s/

Shin Megami Tensei IV Discussion: 1h04m43s/

Ending Talks: 1h12m08s/

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Are you ready for some AAAAAANNNNNUUUUUAAAAALLLLSSSS? Ahem. Annuals. Are you? Cause this is a 5th week of the month for comics, and that means Annuals. Great ones this time though! And quality Marvel comics. And the finale of the Mega Man/Sonic crossover. And more! Woo! So join NOLAnerds Matt "Annual Lover" Finneman and Chris "Hates Good Art" Robinson as they celebrate their 90th episode!

Books of the Week
Matt: Animal Man Annual #2
Chris: Adventures of Superman #3

Email: 00m54s/

Corporate Sponsors: 01m31s/

Current Events: 02m30s/

Adventures of Superman #3: 07m31s/ Chris: 4.0/

Animal Man Annual #2: 10m10s/ Matt: 4.0 Chris: 4.0/

Batman Annual #2: 13m54s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.0/

Batman/Superman #2: 18m00/ Matt: 4.0 Chris: 4.0/

Flash Annual #2: 23m33s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.5/

Red Lanterns #22: 28m06s/ Matt: 2.5/

Pandora: Trinity of Sin #2: 30m35s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 2.5/

Collider #1: 34m02s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.5/

Daredevil #29: 37m57s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.5/

Indestructible Hulk #11: 41m52s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.5/

X-Men #3: 45m05s/ Matt: 2.5/

Uncanny X-Men #9: 48m42s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 3.0/

Adventure Time Summer Special #1: 53m14s/ Matt: 2.5 Chris: 3.0/

Sonic the Hedgehog #251: 59m18s/ Matt: 3.5/

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